The Joy of The Perfect Home Business ­ Mail-Order

Written by Barry Lycka

Much has been written about working from your own home.

Many people seem suspicious when they think about ideas that they can "work" whilst at home -- I'm not sure why; housewives and househusbands have been doing it for years!

For some people, there seems to be some sort of strange separation ofrepparttar workplace andrepparttar 108227 homestead. By tearing down this distinction, however, you can reap some very serious benefits. Nowhere is this more obvious than in running a mail-order business from your home.

What are some of these benefits and advantages that you can gain from running a mail order business from your home?

Well, there are probably hundreds, but some ofrepparttar 108228 major ones include:

1. Savings on initial investments. Instead of having to rent office space, new phone lines, new personnel and allrepparttar 108229 rest... for a lot of new mail-order startups, all you need is an idea, a clean kitchen table, a recipe box and ambition!

2. Clear communication channels. Withrepparttar 108230 advent ofrepparttar 108231 Internet, and especially e-mail, it has become easier and easier for you to keep in contact with your customers without having to get in your car and drive all around town.

Now, you can communicate with all your contacts and prospects without having to leave your computer. And much of this can be automated with tools readily available through GetResponse ( and Roibot (

3. More time with your family. Big business has always hadrepparttar 108232 reputation for being "anti-family" -- you can choose your career or you can choose your family.

With mail-order businesses, you get to choose both. In fact, many mail-order businesses become family businesses, with kids helping mom and dad to lick stamps and stuff envelopes. My teenage daughters do this and split income with me (great for taxation purposes)

The 4-Step Formula for Writing Sales Letters That Get Results

Written by Allan Katz

The 4-Step Formula for Writing Sales Letters That Get Results There is a simple 4-step formula that will help you create clear, more powerful sales letters that get results. Most sales letters forget to involverepparttar reader and drone on and on about how greatrepparttar 108226 company is, forgetting to talk aboutrepparttar 108227 benefits torepparttar 108228 reader.

ATTENTION: To motivaterepparttar 108229 reader, you must grab their attention quickly. One way to do this is to ask an intriguing questions that you know is a concern torepparttar 108230 prospect. If you askedrepparttar 108231 prospect in person, “what concerns are you facing in your business right now,” what would he say? For example, some people might procrastinate and leaverepparttar 108232 marketing of their businesses onrepparttar 108233 back burner, to get to later. Well, sometimes, later never comes. So, to approach this subject you might ask in your letter, “ Will 2001 berepparttar 108234 year you get serious about marketing?”

INTEREST: Now that you’ve gotrepparttar 108235 prospects attention, you have to keep his interest by showing him that you understandrepparttar 108236 problem and you haverepparttar 108237 solution to that problem. Restaterepparttar 108238 problem and then offer a description of how your company solves that problem to their satisfaction.

DESIRE: To persuaderepparttar 108239 reader you must use words that hookrepparttar 108240 reader into your message. Many writers makerepparttar 108241 mistake of simply talking about themselves at this point and completely ignorerepparttar 108242 facts and benefits thatrepparttar 108243 reader needs to know to make an intelligent decision. Be specific and talk aboutrepparttar 108244 details that make your product or service better than your competitors. Insert comments from satisfied customers here or tell about your credentials that establish you asrepparttar 108245 expert in your field. Remember, however, to always bringrepparttar 108246 copy back torepparttar 108247 benefit torepparttar 108248 reader and why he needs to act now.

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