The Joy Of Living In The Zone

Written by Keith Varnum

What do people want most inrepparttar world? What isrepparttar 122332 most sought-after goal? Fromrepparttar 122333 moment we awaken torepparttar 122334 moment we close our eyes at night, what is it we seek every minute ofrepparttar 122335 day?

We want to feel good. The primary motivation behind every action we take isrepparttar 122336 desire to feel happy. Even when we're focused on moving away from pain, we are, in effect, moving toward feeling good-physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What Do They Get from Opera?

As a kid, I often asked myself, "Why do people engage in life-endangering activities like sky-diving, car racing and mountain climbing?" And I wondered, "Why do people choose dangerous jobs like being a firefighter, cop or ambulance driver? I was also confounded byrepparttar 122337 large amounts of money and time people spend going torepparttar 122338 opera, rock concerts and sports events. The budding journalist in me asked, "What do all these activities have in common? What'srepparttar 122339 compelling force driving people to invest most of their precious free time, or whole lives, in these pursuits? What, in heaven's name, are people looking for?"

A Rush Is a Rush Is a Rush!

At one point in my teens, I sawrepparttar 122340 light. It's so obvious really. We want to feel! We want to feel something.

On some level we all know that life is about feeling. If we don't feel life we miss life. And, of course,repparttar 122341 most popular choice is to feel good. Whatever way we choose to get ourselves to feelrepparttar 122342 end goal isrepparttar 122343 same: to experiencerepparttar 122344 good side of life-as fully and powerfully as possible! We want to feel really alive and happy. Some people call it Joy. Some Pleasure. Some Rush, Electricity, Juice, Fire or Passion!

The Pursuit of "The Zone"

If you listen torepparttar 122345 language ofrepparttar 122346 street throughoutrepparttar 122347 world you'll hear what's onrepparttar 122348 minds of most folks. There's one prevailing theme running through most peoples' conversations. They're talking about their desire to feel good. And they want to findrepparttar 122349 quickest, easiest way to feel good. I call thisrepparttar 122350 pursuit of "The Zone." The Zone isrepparttar 122351 place of feeling good. It goes by many names. On a roll. Inrepparttar 122352 flow. In a groove. Steamin' Jivin' Clickin' Rockin' or Cookin'. Many different names, one essence, one feeling.

What is The Zone?

Being in The Zone is when everything goes right! You feel great! You're on top ofrepparttar 122353 world. Somehow you're magically inrepparttar 122354 right place atrepparttar 122355 right time and everything is working out just like you want. To be inrepparttar 122356 flow is to be dialed into your natural state of clarity, presence and personal power. It's being free of tension, worry and draining emotions. It's living with a sense of ease, vitality and deep inner calm.

The Zone is an altered state of consciousness-a state of perfect focus, peace and high performance. When you're in The Zone you are your true self. You regain your natural intuitive ability to be where you need to be to get what you want. You don't have to effort when you're on a roll. Everything just seems to fall into place by itself. You feel expanded, bigger than life. Often you revel inrepparttar 122357 exhilarating sensation of being outside your body, controlling what's happening to you from a broader point of view.

The Astrologer, the King and the Fool: When will Astrologers be Invited to the Party?

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

A recent article raisedrepparttar question, why arerepparttar 122331 presence and opinions of people likerepparttar 122332 Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Nelson Mandela and Deepok Chopra regularly included in important world conferences on peace and global community while Rob Hand, say, and Liz Greene go without invitations year after year. Forrepparttar 122333 uninformed, these are two ofrepparttar 122334 world’s greatest living astrologers. Rob Hand practices out of Reston, Virginia and can be visited at Liz Greene, also a Jungian analyst, is a founder of Astrodienst in Switzerland and can be visited at

Or for that matter why isn’t Jeanne Avery being asked to head up a committee to explore peaceful resolutions torepparttar 122335 conflict inrepparttar 122336 Middle East or Deborah Houlding among those advising Tony Blair on national policy? Why isn’t Rebecca Trents speaking atrepparttar 122337 United Nations? Again, forrepparttar 122338 not-so-well informed, Jeanne Avery is an astrologer forrepparttar 122339 rich and famous who can be visited at Deborah Houlding is a world-class “classical” astrologer inrepparttar 122340 UK who can be visited at . Rebecca Brents an astrologer and editor of Enchanted Spirit, one ofrepparttar 122341 most successful metaphysical ezines onrepparttar 122342 internet which you can visit at .

This question is worth contemplating. Why aren’t astrologers being included? I am not inclined to a powerless, exclusionary or conspiratorial interpretation as if these talented and capable people were sitting at home byrepparttar 122343 phone waiting for it to ring. Onrepparttar 122344 contrary, I would rephraserepparttar 122345 question and reverse it. Why don’trepparttar 122346 world’s leading astrologers “get” themselves asked to high profile conferences on global matters? They could, so I guessrepparttar 122347 answer must be that they aren’t pursuing opportunities. Why, then?

I think this has something profound to do withrepparttar 122348 nature of astrology and astrologers, and perhaps with their tacit understanding that this is “notrepparttar 122349 way”. Before I explain what I mean by this, let me setrepparttar 122350 stage for you.

Astrology and its practitioners are ruled byrepparttar 122351 planet Uranus andrepparttar 122352 sign Aquarius. Aquarius is oppositerepparttar 122353 sign Leo, which among other things representsrepparttar 122354 ruler orrepparttar 122355 king. Aquarius also represents “everyman” or “the common man”, as in a brotherhood of equals and also represents a revolutionary force opposed torepparttar 122356 king or more correctly, opposed torepparttar 122357 mythical heroic image ofrepparttar 122358 king. We might understand from this that astrologers find themselves or put themselves at opposite “ends” ofrepparttar 122359 spectrum fromrepparttar 122360 hierarchy. This polarity worked well through many centuries of history. For example, at some times in our heritage as human beingsrepparttar 122361 astrologer wasrepparttar 122362 natural opposing companion ofrepparttar 122363 king, not unlikerepparttar 122364 Fool,repparttar 122365 king’s other stalwart companion. The Fool is ruled by Uranus as well.

We see many fools in Shakespeare’s play,repparttar 122366 most famous beingrepparttar 122367 one in “King Lear”. To get a little Shakespearean on you, then does this mean thatrepparttar 122368 astrologer is a Fool? Certainly not! Or, wait a minute, does it?

How arerepparttar 122369 Fool andrepparttar 122370 astrologer one andrepparttar 122371 same? The Fool toldrepparttar 122372 king true things that those close to him sometimes wanted to keep him from knowing, out of fear of repercussions or because they were fawning for favors. Here’s an example from Barbara Tuchman’s book, "Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century". It isrepparttar 122373 year 1340 andrepparttar 122374 French have just been soundly defeated in a naval battle atrepparttar 122375 port of Bruges. No one wants to tellrepparttar 122376 king. Back then, sometimes evenrepparttar 122377 messenger of bad news got killed. “Jester” is another name forrepparttar 122378 Fool. Tuchman states, "No one dared tellrepparttar 122379 outcome ofrepparttar 122380 battle to Philip VI until his jester was thrust forward and said, ‘Oh,repparttar 122381 cowardly English,repparttar 122382 cowardly English!’ and on being asked why, replied, ‘They did not jump overboard like our brave Frenchmen.’ The King evidently gotrepparttar 122383 point. The fish drank so much French blood, it was said afterward, that if God had given themrepparttar 122384 power of speech they would have spoken in French.” [pg. 7, “Distant Mirrors”]

The purpose ofrepparttar 122385 Fool is to -- andrepparttar 122386 power ofrepparttar 122387 Fool is derived from -- standing permanently outsiderepparttar 122388 circle of power so that he is immune both from punishment and from temptation or corruption. This way he is “allowed” to tellrepparttar 122389 truth. It creates a pure, idealistic Uranian environment. Uranus at its very best! The “real truth” about some important things seems to come from a very far away place and is often so simple as to sound like it came from a fool.

Now what aboutrepparttar 122390 astrologer? Benjamin Franklin once said, “Courteous Reader, Astrology is one ofrepparttar 122391 most ancient Sciences, held in high esteem of old, byrepparttar 122392 Wise andrepparttar 122393 Great. Formerly, no Prince would make War or Peace, nor any General fight in Battle, in short, no important affair was undertaken without first consulting an Astrologer.”

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