The Ivy League

Written by Jason Canon

Parthenocissus tricuspidata is commonly known as Boston Ivy, Cottage Ivy, or Japanese Ivy. It coversrepparttar exterior walls of a number of prestigious northeastern universities and is probably responsible forrepparttar 142846 term “Ivy League.” Boston Ivy is a deciduous, self-clinging vine with large (to 4-8 inches) glossy leaves. The color ofrepparttar 142847 leaves changes withrepparttar 142848 season starting with light green in spring, dark green in summer, and peach to scarlet crimson in fall.

The Boston Ivy vine has tendrils that have 5 to 8 branches, each of which ends with an adhesive-like tip. It secretes calcium carbonate, which serves as an adhesive and gives itrepparttar 142849 ability to attach itself to a wall without requiring any additional support. It can be easy to confuse this plant with evergreen English Ivy, which clings much tighter to a surface. Boston Ivy will grow alongrepparttar 142850 ground butrepparttar 142851 vine loves to climbrepparttar 142852 brick or stone walls of buildings. A north or east wall worksrepparttar 142853 best. It can get spread 30-60 feet and is one ofrepparttar 142854 fastest growing vines. Other than buildings, it will also climb tree trunks, arbors, trellises or retaining walls. In addition to growing it on walls you can use Boston Ivy for screening or camouflage. It is a tough vine that tolerates urban settings, is salt tolerant, and easily handles most conditions including shade and drought. This fast-growing vine is hardy from USDA Zones 4 to 10 but does best in climates with cool summer nights.

Growing Geraniums Indoors Or Outdoors

Written by Lee Dobbins

The geranium has long been a favorite plant for both garden beds and containers. This common geranium is actually a member ofrepparttar genus Pelargonium whilerepparttar 142792 wild geranium is a member ofrepparttar 142793 genus Geranium. Both look great in gardens! Bothrepparttar 142794 wild and common geraniums are suited for outdoor living, butrepparttar 142795 Regal or Martha Washington geranium is best kept in containers indoors.

Geraniums can be grown in planters onrepparttar 142796 porch, patio or garden. The ivy type geraniums are great for hanging baskets and window boxes. Make sure you use a container that is big enough forrepparttar 142797 plant or it will wilt (you may need to replant to prevent wilting asrepparttar 142798 plant grows). Use a soil that has enough aeration – either a commercial made mix or garden soil mixed with peat moss or perlite. Plant in a spot that is protected from strong wind and gets 6 hours sun a day. Make sure you water it frequently but do not let it sit in water.

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