The Isolation Monster and How to Slay It

Written by Elena Fawkner

Like most people, when you think about what it would be like to work from home, you probably think ofrepparttar obvious benefits such as working your own hours, not having to face a stressful, tedious commute every day, actually seeing what your garden looks like in daylight hours, not having to answer to a boss, being home when your children are, working in a comfortable environment and so on. These are, of course, some of only many wonderful benefits of working from home.

Before long, though, you may begin to think back to your previous life and realize you actually miss those umpteen visitors who were constantly interrupting you when you were trying to work,repparttar 117571 walk inrepparttar 117572 park at lunchtime with your best work-friend, drinks on Friday night after work, and being able to run an idea past a colleague for instant, valuable feedback.

Now, everything is just, well, quiet. And there's no-one downrepparttar 117573 hall to go visit who's over age four. You find yourself checking your email constantly, wanting to connect to someone. You find yourself wishingrepparttar 117574 phone would ring. You! The person who, when you worked in a job, cursed constant telephone interruptions and thought voice- and e-mail wasrepparttar 117575 greatest invention since sliced bread.

Welcome to another reality of home-based business ... home alone.

Here are some ways to avoidrepparttar 117576 isolation trap when running a business out of your home:

1. Establish a Structure

Nothing is surer to reinforce feelings of isolation as time that stretches as far asrepparttar 117577 eye can see like a straight, one lane highway through a flat, barren landscape. Don't start each day without a plan of what you intend to do. You need to structure your time so that it is not some endlessly vast terrain you must traverse alone. So write a to-do list, preferably atrepparttar 117578 end ofrepparttar 117579 day before, so that when your work day starts you get productive straight away, beforerepparttar 117580 isolation blues have a chance to take hold.

2. Reach Out

When writing your to-do list, make sure you include at least two things every day that require you to interact with another person. Networking is a vital skill, whether you work for someone else or for yourself. So make contacts with people who can add value to your business, as well as connecting you withrepparttar 117581 outside world.

Joining a professional group or club, attending seminars and trade shows relevant to your business are all great ways to meet new people who have similar interests and challenges. Participate inrepparttar 117582 activities organized by these groups and take a good supply of business cards with you.

3. Establish Joint Ventures

Another way to keeprepparttar 117583 isolation blues at bay is to joint venture with other home-based business owners. Team up with other businesses that offer complementary services to your business. Not only will you send additional business each other's way inrepparttar 117584 form of referrals, you're establishing professional relationships with your joint venture partners.

Whatever it Takes

Written by Dave Balch

Wouldn't it be nice if you could get someone else to do all ofrepparttar things that you either don't have time for, don't know how to do, or just plain don't want to do? Ah... just think of it: "Jeeves, could you run this over torepparttar 117570 printer? I've got a dinner date", "Jeeves, would you please write this proposal? It has to be out tomorrow and I'm just too tired to deal with it", "Jeeves, my customer needs this product right now and it's a one hour drive each way; would you please deliver it? I've got other things to do and it is crucial that he gets what he needs on time?", "Jeeves, would you please pick uprepparttar 117571 cleaning and emptyrepparttar 117572 wastebaskets?"

WAKE UP! I can tell that you have glazed over in this wonderful fantasy! Until you're well on your way and you can afford Jeeves, you are going to have to do all this stuff yourself, so remember that you have to be willing to do "Whatever It Takes" if you are going to be successful.

And you have to do it with a smile, because it goes withrepparttar 117573 territory.

Have you ever seen a one-man band? I'm not talking metaphorically; I mean a real one-man band. Dick Van Dyke did it inrepparttar 117574 opening scene of Mary Poppins, and did it very well. Small cymbals between his knees, harmonica propped up front of his mouth, bulb horn attached to his chest so thatrepparttar 117575 bulb can be squeezed with his chin, playing a squeeze box with his hands. That's not all... a drum with large cymbals is strapped to his back, with cords attached to each leg; one leg operatesrepparttar 117576 mallet that beatsrepparttar 117577 drum,repparttar 117578 other operatesrepparttar 117579 cymbals. Suppose he didn't likerepparttar 117580 drum because it was too heavy and he couldn't afford to hire a drummer? If he decided to get rid ofrepparttar 117581 drum his music and his appeal would suffer. His whole act would be downrepparttar 117582 tubes. If he wants to succeed, he is just going to have to carry that drum around whether he likes it or not. As soon as he starts making enough money, he can hire a drummer; heck he can hire a whole band and just carry a baton instead of all of that paraphernalia!

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