The Iraqi Election

Written by The Indy Voice

Just a couple of thoughts aboutrepparttar recent "election" in Iraq:

1- The election in Iraq is neither a victory nor a defeat for George W. Bush andrepparttar 125885 ideology he represents.

At no point prior torepparttar 125886 start of this conflict wasrepparttar 125887 establishment of democracy an explicitly stated goal of this administration. That is not whyrepparttar 125888 Senate voted to authorizerepparttar 125889 use of force and it is not whyrepparttar 125890 American people gaverepparttar 125891 war overwhelming initial support.

Democracy, if that does in fact come about, would only be a victory forrepparttar 125892 people of Iraq.

2- Why would a terrorist like Zarqawi orrepparttar 125893 insurgents attack on a day whenrepparttar 125894 country is virtually shut down?

Zarqawi's goal is not as stated, to destroy democracy. His goal and Bin Laden's, is to create a worldwide conflict betweenrepparttar 125895 U.S. andrepparttar 125896 moderate Muslims. His statements and actions, especially usingrepparttar 125897 Iraqi people, are only a means to an end.

3- Our continued occupation of Iraq is only just beginning.

Barringrepparttar 125898 Iraqi's telling us to get out of their country, this election is just an intermediary step onrepparttar 125899 path toward true democracy. It's going to be a long, arduous and unfortunately deadly process. Unlessrepparttar 125900 Iraqi's demand our complete withdrawalrepparttar 125901 level of our forces will remain for years to come and will be followed by our continued presence through numerous extremely large military bases.

4- People ofrepparttar 125902 liberal persuasion do not welcome or hope for failure in Iraq.

Liberals hope forrepparttar 125903 best forrepparttar 125904 people of Iraq. However we recognize that this conflict has brought additional crises torepparttar 125905 doorstep ofrepparttar 125906 Iraqi people who have suffered greatly withinrepparttar 125907 past 25 years. We also have facedrepparttar 125908 reality thatrepparttar 125909 people who have attacked us on 9/11 are literally getting away with murder. The reality ofrepparttar 125910 situation is thatrepparttar 125911 fundamental reasons that created those terrorists that attacked us on 9/11 still exist andrepparttar 125912 occupation of Iraq has only exacerbated this critical problem. The threat of terrorist attack on American soil is as great as it wasrepparttar 125913 day before 9/11 and possibly even greater.

Three of President Bush's failures in his first term

Written by Mike Sylvester

President Bushs first term is over; we can now look at what he accomplished. A President should be judged on what he promisedrepparttar voters during his campaign. Voters should compare what he promised, to what he delivered.

Look at some of what President Bush wanted to accomplish in his first term: A better public education system, fiscal responsibility, and less Federal involvement inrepparttar 125884 affairs ofrepparttar 125885 fifty States. Lets look at each of these goals President Bush set for himself.

President Bush increased Federal spending on education by 83%. He signed a bill called No Child left Behind. This bill established a set of Federal mandates torepparttar 125886 fifty states; many of which are not funded. Not one single educator I have discussed this bill with thinks it will help Indiana; in fact, all of them feel that it will hurt our school systems. With all of this extra spending and this extra layer of beauracracy what has happened torepparttar 125887 test scores of our school children? Unfortunately, they have dropped even further. I would give President Bush an F on education reform. He sure spent a lot of money; but, spending more money and adding another layer of administrators is notrepparttar 125888 way to fixrepparttar 125889 system.

After being elected in 2000, President Bush promised more fiscal responsibility. He inherited a 5.6 trillion dollar deficit. The Federal deficit is now over 7.6 trillion dollars. Our Republican Congress, Republican Senate, and Republican President have increasedrepparttar 125890 Federal deficit by one third in four short years. The Republican Party can no longer call themselves fiscal conservatives. Our Federal deficit is so high that our currency has sunk to new lows against foreign currency. The main reason forrepparttar 125891 plunge ofrepparttar 125892 dollar is foreign investors are concerned aboutrepparttar 125893 massive debt that our government is incurring. There is no doubt that President Bush receives an F for fiscal responsibility. Our children and grand children will regretrepparttar 125894 spending excesses of our generation.

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