The Internet Adrenaline Rush

Written by Brian Holte

So youíve researchedrepparttar market youíve decided to get into onrepparttar 108433 net, youíve done your homework and you know theirís a demand for your product and not a whole lot of sites to compete with. Now your excited aboutrepparttar 108434 possibilities you may face. Youíve bought your domain name and you have it hosted. Youíve submitted your site to allrepparttar 108435 major search engines, directories, youíve even implemented a linking strategy to add to your marketing arsenal. Overrepparttar 108436 next couple of weeks you pay close attention to your webstats, and money allowing youíve bought a couple of marketing ebooks and started testing different strategies. Some worked, some didnít. You notice your averaging 10-20 unique visitors per day, but nothing too write home about. Youíve done what you think is a good job on your site, not too heavy on javascript or flash, mostly rich in useful text

Unleashing the power of knowledge

Written by Brian Holte

We all have some sort of knowledge locked in our noggins. Through lifeís experiences such as past and present employment,repparttar adversities weíve all had evovle during our lifetimes, such as illnesses, divorces, issue with our children, financial and emotional turmoil. To a certain point we all have something in common,repparttar 108432 only difference isrepparttar 108433 way we have a climbedrepparttar 108434 mountains of challenge that has been placed in front of us over our lifetime at one point or another. This isrepparttar 108435 kind of information that consumers hunger for, willing to devour because our experiences differ from each other. They arerepparttar 108436 common denominators we share, itísrepparttar 108437 way we handle them that makesrepparttar 108438 information different and unique. And thatísrepparttar 108439 information that consumers are dying to get their hands on. So when you say you canít think of anything to write about, think again. Sit at your kitchen table and think really hard, outline on a piece of paper all ofrepparttar 108440 situations that youíve encountered and have had to overcome, write this down on paper. Everything and anything, this information is your key to success on writing an ebook that people will be interested in buying, because they wanna know. They seekrepparttar 108441 answers to their problems, you haverepparttar 108442 solutions staring you straight inrepparttar 108443 face. Profit from your experiences, thereís nothing immoral about it, people from all backgrounds do this. Whether your a survivor of a divorce, a victim of corporate layoffs, or have experienced some sort of turmoil whether it be emotional or physical, other people

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