The Internet

Written by Varuna Sood

The earlier discussion of speed spoke casually about computers exchanging data overrepparttar Internet. Thus one might imagine thatrepparttar 107799 Internet is a massive network similar to that used for telephone communications, except with computer-to-computer connections instead of telephone-to-telephone connections. Any two computers connected torepparttar 107800 Internet can establish a communication link between them via telephone lines. The Internet is more that a network of computers.It actually is a network of networks.Internet stands for internetworked networks.Computer networks have been around for decades. The first were geographically close to one another often within a single building and they were called local area network(LAN), these networks were used by large companies for in-house data processing long beforerepparttar 107801 arrival ofrepparttar 107802 Internet.

Introduction to Visual Basic

Written by Pawan Bangar

Visual Basic

Microsoft Visual Basic,repparttar latest and greatest incarnation ofrepparttar 107798 old BASIC language, gives you a complete Windows application development system in one package. Visual Basic (or VB, as we often call it) lets you write, edit, and test Windows applications. In addition, VB includes tools you can use to write and compile help files, ActiveX controls, and even Internet applications. Visual Basic is itself a Windows application. You load and executerepparttar 107799 VB system just as you do other Windows programs. You will use this running VB program to create other programs. VB is just a tool, albeit an extremely powerful tool, that programmers (people who write programs) use to write, test, and run Windows applications. Although programmers often userepparttar 107800 terms program and application interchangeably,repparttar 107801 term application seems to fitrepparttar 107802 best when you're describing a Windows program because a Windows program typically consists of several files. These files work together inrepparttar 107803 form of a project. The project generatesrepparttar 107804 final program thatrepparttar 107805 user loads and runs from Windows by double-clicking an icon or by startingrepparttar 107806 application withrepparttar 107807 Windows Start menu. The role of programming tools has evolved overrepparttar 107808 past 45 years along with computer hardware. A programming language today, such as Visual Basic, differs greatly from programming languages of just a few years ago. The visual nature ofrepparttar 107809 Windows operating system requires more advanced tools than were available a few years ago. Before windowed environments, a programming language was a simple text-based tool with which you wrote programs. Today you need much more than just a language; you need a graphical development tool that can work insiderepparttar 107810 Windows system and create applications that take advantage of allrepparttar 107811 graphical, multimedia, online, and multiprocessed activities that Windows offers. Visual Basic is such a tool. More than a language, Visual Basic lets you generate applications that interact with every aspect of today's Windows operating systems. If you've taken a look at Visual Basic inrepparttar 107812 past, you'll be amazed at today's Visual Basic system. VB now sports a true compiler that creates standalone runtime .EXE files that execute more quickly than previous VB programs. VB also includes several wizards that offer step-by-step dialog box questions that guide you throughrepparttar 107813 creation of applications. VB's development platform, a development environment calledrepparttar 107814 Developer Studio, now supportsrepparttar 107815 same features asrepparttar 107816 advanced Visual C++ and Visual J++ compilers. Therefore, once you learn one of Microsoft's Visual programming products, you will haverepparttar 107817 skills to userepparttar 107818 other language products without a long learning curve ahead of you.


Programming languages today are not what they used to be. The language itself has not gotten less important; rather,repparttar 107819 graphical interfaces to applications have gotten more important. A computer cannot understand any person's spoken language. A spoken language, such as Italian or English, is simply too general and ambiguous for computers to understand. Therefore, we must adapt torepparttar 107820 machine and learn a language thatrepparttar 107821 computer can understand. VB's programming language is fairly simple and uses common English words and phrases forrepparttar 107822 most part. The language is not ambiguous, however. When you write a statement inrepparttar 107823 Visual Basic language,repparttar 107824 statement never has multiple meanings withinrepparttar 107825 same context. You will userepparttar 107826 VB programming language to embed instructions within applications you create. Allrepparttar 107827 code you write (code isrepparttar 107828 program's instructions) must work together to instructrepparttar 107829 computer. Code isrepparttar 107830 glue that ties allrepparttar 107831 graphics, text, and processes together within an application. Code tells a checkbook application, for example, how to be a checkbook application and not something else. The program code letsrepparttar 107832 application know what to do given a wide variety of possible outcomes and user actions.

Visual Basics Three Editions

Visual Basic comes in three flavors:repparttar 107833 Standard Edition,repparttar 107834 Professional Edition, andrepparttar 107835 Enterprise Edition. Although we primarily userepparttar 107836 Professional Edition,repparttar 107837 Standard Edition is calledrepparttar 107838 learning edition and providesrepparttar 107839 least expensive approach to using Visual Basic. The Standard Edition gives you a complete development environment, programming language, and many ofrepparttar 107840 same toolsrepparttar 107841 other editions offer. If you userepparttar 107842 Standard Edition, you have a powerful programming tool. Some people develop only withrepparttar 107843 Standard Edition and never need anything else. The Professional Edition offers a few more tools, including extra ActiveX add-in tools, better Internet programming support, a help file compiler, and improved database access tools. Most professional programmers userepparttar 107844 Professional Edition. The Enterprise Edition providesrepparttar 107845 client/server programmer with extended tools for remote computing and application distribution. Microsoft enhanced VB's performance for Enterprise Edition users working in a networked, distributed environment. If you want to create your own ActiveX controls, you will needrepparttar 107846 VB Custom Control Edition that comes withrepparttar 107847 Professional and Enterprise Editions.

The VB Programming Process

When you want to use Visual Basic, you'll follow these basic steps: 1. Start Visual Basic. 2. Create a new application or load an existing application. When you create a new application, you might want to use Visual Basic's VB Application Wizard to write your program's initial shell, as you'll do inrepparttar 107848 next hour. 3. Test your application withrepparttar 107849 debugging tools Visual Basic supplies. The debugging tools help you locate and eliminate program errors (called bugs) that can appear despite your best efforts to keep them out. 4. Compile your program into a final application. 5. Quit Visual Basic. 6. Distributerepparttar 107850 application to your users. Rarely will you perform all these steps sequentially in one sitting. The six steps are not sequential steps, but stages that you go through and return to before completing your application. Starting Visual Basic You start Visual Basic fromrepparttar 107851 Windows Start menu. The Visual Basic development environment itself usually appears on a submenu called Microsoft Visual Basic, although yours might be called something different due to installation differences. You will see additional programs listed onrepparttar 107852 Microsoft Visual Basic submenu, but when you select Visual Basic fromrepparttar 107853 submenu, Visual Basic loads and appears on your screen.

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