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Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The possibility of sentient beings on earlier solar systems said to be many billions of years older than our own, developing travel and transposition of some teleportational nature seems one ofrepparttar most stable and down to earth possibilities when we consider these spheres. Other ideas flit through our mind as we imagineerrepparttar 147040 conscious wisdom of refined metallurgical objects beyond mere silica microchips and revisit what Dr Robins termedrepparttar 147041 megaliths - macrochips. What isrepparttar 147042 operating system they are part and parcel of? Isrepparttar 147043 old Gaian theory ofrepparttar 147044 earth far removed from a universal entity that would have implants inrepparttar 147045 earth to form greater contact? The manganese nodules occur naturally but what difference does that make when one is thinking about evolving layers of consciously connected matter guided by dimensional force entities of non-corporeal nature? That kind of thought might lead us to worshiprepparttar 147046 Ka'aba with a lot more validity.

The spheres could also be put there to influence stability and join with other earth energy forces to actuate specific occurrences we are only remotely able to understand. It could be from our own future or from an earlier adept civilization whose attunement was collectively superior to what exists today. This kind of thought is more 'far-out' than David M. Jacobs, Ph. D. andrepparttar 147047 alien abduction agenda contemplated in his books Secret Life and The Threat. His associate professorship in history at Temple University makes one feel good aboutrepparttar 147048 possible future of free-thought in America. What sense does it make in one’s day to day life to think about such wild imagineering? Well, that IS whererepparttar 147049 rubber hitsrepparttar 147050 road as they say; and we humbly suggest that even in this life while physically manifest in sensual containers with high level focus onrepparttar 147051 joy these senses bring - we are part ofrepparttar 147052 evolving purpose and what has been called God's greater purpose. We also suggestrepparttar 147053 way of knowledge and positive application ofrepparttar 147054 results of thinking does not advantage one if they turn away fromrepparttar 147055 facts. These spheres are facts and they can not have designs (orrepparttar 147056 vase from 300,000,000 years ago) of this complexity and be so metallurgically advanced if we take only our present concept of nature into account.

Isrepparttar 147057 flexible metal that can't be cut with welder's torches which is shown byrepparttar 147058 son ofrepparttar 147059 Roswell whistle-blower drawn fromrepparttar 147060 same manufacture process? A personal friend of mine says he knows a chemist/metallurgical researcher who was sent such material fromrepparttar 147061 States to a place just east of Oshawa/Toronto. They could conceive no earthly explanation for it. Now which of these 'possibilities' do you wish to contemplate? The alien one has abductee experiences and hybrid genetics that include clearly extraterrestrial conclusions. The prior earth civilization with advanced technology and attunements beyond language and its limits, means matter can be sent back through time. When NEC Labs at Princeton observed 300X light speed in Cesium,repparttar 147062 argument can still be made that time travel is not possible for complex systems that are living. So what if muons have an ability to communicate or travel inrepparttar 147063 dimensional or other intricate manners we are close to understanding. Cesium isrepparttar 147064 most accurate means of tracing time in clocks in a great improvement over quartz which we have seen inrepparttar 147065 piezo-electric description of Dr Robins. Each different crystalline structure is an expression ofrepparttar 147066 forming building blocks and their consciousnesses. Bucky Fuller andrepparttar 147067 Fullerenes named after him come rushing torepparttar 147068 forefront of my mind.

Nanotubes are part of a creative process that harmonizes torepparttar 147069 rhythm of something we may soon know. There are ways to imaginerepparttar 147070 spheres could have been created by advanced human or other earth sentient beings in conjunction withrepparttar 147071 spirit and wisdom ofrepparttar 147072 shamanic relationship in vortexes and wisdom thereof. These would require some form of teleportation andrepparttar 147073 prevalence of spheres in this one area may be in response to a forceful build-up of whatever formsrepparttar 147074 manganese nodules or because ofrepparttar 147075 same forces or intelligence from other parts ofrepparttar 147076 universe such as whatever causesrepparttar 147077 meteors to collect in amazing numbers near Mt. Yamato (Or Yamamoto) in Antarctica.

In attempting to come up with a way to express or communicaterepparttar 147078 places whererepparttar 147079 mind goes in integrating these truly mysterious things we are askingrepparttar 147080 reader to endure another German Nazi analogy onrepparttar 147081 slippery slope of ethics andrepparttar 147082 relative nature of morality. We all knowrepparttar 147083 Nazis were heavy into esoterics and ancient civilization fromrepparttar 147084 Spielberg trilogy but it was much more than just a hobby or some weird obsession. In fact you could say it was being done by others in secret bases; but we can't be sure of a great deal of these things because ofrepparttar 147085 secrecy surrounding some weapons systems that even long after they are no longer in use aren't talked about. It is almost certain that Hitler and his cronies or handlers like General Hausohofer and Himmler were well aware ofrepparttar 147086 weapons systems described inrepparttar 147087 Mahábhárata. They seem to have attempted to make most of them become real and their scientists were helpful torepparttar 147088 development of these things afterrepparttar 147089 war. Some ofrepparttar 147090 things were already onrepparttar 147091 drawing boards and tested. Were they also in a position to know aboutrepparttar 147092 Foo Fighters?

I Challenge the 'experts'

Written by Robert Bruce Baird


Whatrepparttar nature of 'mystery schools' was before Tuthmosis re-organized them (25) is hard to say. The claims of people withinrepparttar 146371 Masons are challenged by many scholars. In readingrepparttar 146372 work of Conor MacDari, who seems to be a truth-teller from a group within Masonry that deplores many ofrepparttar 146373 undisciplined practices, I tend to think they do have a good claim to having beenrepparttar 146374 builders ofrepparttar 146375 Pyramid who originatedrepparttar 146376 Hebrew ethnic group. His work in 'Irish Wisdom' has been a source of intense study and verification for me duringrepparttar 146377 last eleven years and he seems to placerepparttar 146378 designer(s) ofrepparttar 146379 Pyramid group above or outside his own cadre.

The 'white' refers to a powder used to levitaterepparttar 146380 Pyramid rock; according to Gardner and many others withinrepparttar 146381 mystic community this isrepparttar 146382 only explanation forrepparttar 146383 'fit' ofrepparttar 146384 Pyramid rock. The interior dimensions ofrepparttar 146385 resting place assumed to have been a sarcophagus (I am not sure there ever was a lid and I think it was a focusing chamber withinrepparttar 146386 king's chamber to positionrepparttar 146387 individual atrepparttar 146388 optimum 'power spot'. Don Juan goes into great length emphasizing this aspect ofrepparttar 146389 earth energy grid and Cayce does as well. Cayce was a 33rd degree Mason and his father was a Mason as well.} by Egyptologists (26) have 1/200th inch tolerances. We find it hard to believe even Christopher Dunn can explain this by machining and drills. Geopolymerization (rock-making) was covered in Science fromrepparttar 146390 modern day patent holder Dr Davidovits, of this eminently do-able method. Serious scholars of fair intent have difficulty settlingrepparttar 146391 debates over howrepparttar 146392 Pyramid was built. No credible answer is exclusively reached and it is our opinion a variety of methods were used in different situations. For example it would be difficult to justify building molds for obelisks of specific one time dimension or corniche stones of unique application. The machining approach would be used to finish rock poured in place. Inrepparttar 146393 time before I read Davidovits and Morris's book, I thoughtrepparttar 146394 levitation approach wasrepparttar 146395 only answer that make sense ofrepparttar 146396 large rocks at Ba'albek andrepparttar 146397 600 Ton cornerstone of Solomon's Temple. And that did not turn me on.

After intensive discussion with Marjorie Morris, including chemical analysis and weighing done by Kansas State University (not included in their book) I was convinced 'rock-making' was a major part ofrepparttar 146398 process and that made me feel a lot better aboutrepparttar 146399 'slave' issue. It didn't seem likely givenrepparttar 146400 opportunities to be a mercenary andrepparttar 146401 lack of rational reasons to suggest 40 years would be enough to build this pristinely precise monument - as Egyptology suggests. The recent attempts to duplicaterepparttar 146402 feat are woefully inadequate and actually include fraud and misrepresentations. The recent ARCHAEOLOGY magazine issue that intimates they were just imitations of natural landforms is patently ridiculous. Whetherrepparttar 146403 'white powder’ was usable in building these structures I can't say. Gardner's descriptions ofrepparttar 146404 way it works include a fluctuating weightlessness that would still makerepparttar 146405 'fit' difficult. The quarried rock would still be even more difficult to machine to actual tolerances that sometimes mirrorrepparttar 146406 Tiahuanaco exactitude where angled {N.B.} rocks are almost earthquake proof! How can one quarry rocks with numerous angles and not break them?

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