"The Information Publisher's Secret Resource Guide To Blow Customers Away!"

Written by Hans Klein

"The Information Publisher's Secret Resource Guide To Blow Customers Away!"

By Hans Klein

Have you ever heardrepparttar saying, "Give and you shall receive"?

Well, with information publishing, this saying is one ofrepparttar 108128 most important you will ever hear. Let me explain:

Whether you are providing your information product in a book, an e-book, a manual, or a video, if you want your customer to buy from you again, you must provide in your product value that he or she can directly apply to his/her life.

The more value you provide,repparttar 108129 more satisfiedrepparttar 108130 customer… And a satisfied customer leads to a lifetime client, and a lifetime fan will gladly refer others to you.

So, why should you rememberrepparttar 108131 saying, "Give and you shall receive"? Well, if you give value, you will receiverepparttar 108132 benefits of a satisfied customer. You have to give value before you can receive value.

Now, you're probably wondering how you can provide substantial value to your customers so that your information goes in one ear and turns on a light bulb that says, "Eureka!… that is some powerful stuff that I can use immediately!"

Well, if you are wondering about this very question, you're in luck because if you look below you will discoverrepparttar 108133 five keys that you will want to print out, stick on your wall, and use every time you sit down to create an information product.

1.Connect with your customer and build rapport. Show that you are human, also. You can do this by talking about a failure in your life and how you turned it around, an obstacle that you overcame, or a person that influenced your life and business.

Rules, Regs, and Recommendations for Search Engine Copywriting

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2003 http://www.copywritingcourse.com

Copywriting is a primary factor when it comes to achieving good search engine placement. However, many times all that is done is to include keywords inrepparttar tags of a page and to include a few keyword mentions. While not extremely difficult, writing forrepparttar 108127 engines is a little more complicated than that.

Know Your Keyphrases Before You Write

It is much easier to create search engine copywriting if you know which keyphrases you’ll use before you begin to write. Going back and editing existing copy to achieve higher levels of keyword saturation is a challenging task that often ends in broken sentences, confusing statements, and copy that sounds stiff or forced.

If you know which keyphrases you’re optimizingrepparttar 108128 page for, you can create a more complete plan of action.

Letrepparttar 108129 Phrases - and Your Audience - Dictate Your Direction

You simply *must* know your target audience before you begin writing. There’s no way around it. It is virtually impossible to write copy that will persuade a site visitor to buy if you have no clue about his/her needs, wants, or problems.

Once you’ve taken time to investigate your preferred customer, stop and do a little brainstorming. What are your customers looking for? Can you offer solutions to their problems? As you ponder, keep your keywords fresh in your mind.

As you come up with solutions for your customers, phrase them around your keywords. It basically works as a puzzle. You know your target audience; you know your keywords; now putrepparttar 108130 two together to create compelling, search-engine-friendly copy.

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