The Incredible Human Psyche

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

The intriguing Human psyche - more complex thanrepparttar metamorphosing cocoon, and more phenomenal thanrepparttar 143375 human brain could ever imagine. Deep withinrepparttar 143376 realm of your subconscious isrepparttar 143377 centrifuge, or cerebral core of all Human possibilities. Therein, liesrepparttar 143378 key torepparttar 143379 supernatural, heightened spirituality andrepparttar 143380 unique potential of overcoming obstacles, large and small.

Human psyche is one of life's most bizarre and unparalleled traits withinrepparttar 143381 physical being. It enables our extrasensory perception, encourages drive and motivation, feeds our emotional balance and at times, permits us to undertake feats that our conscious being would never allow.

It controls impulses in our brains that activate our dreams, instills our fears and isrepparttar 143382 driving force of our physical stamina. The deity within of which all life transforms intorepparttar 143383 wakened being - thus isrepparttar 143384 Human psyche.

Interestingly, we never notice its presence, as it is always with us. Spiritual and emotional awareness arerepparttar 143385 elaborate, invisible compounds of it. As we wake each morning, oblivious torepparttar 143386 ensuing day, it isrepparttar 143387 psyche that jumpstarts our will to conquerrepparttar 143388 light, to tempt our nerves and even directs our hopes and dreams.

Stories ofrepparttar 143389 impossible made possible through incredible feats of strength and psychic-kinetic energies released through channels of our internal beings;repparttar 143390 mysterious force that empowers mind over matter .

Through our psyche, boundaries are nonexistent betweenrepparttar 143391 parallel planes of all inter-human, spiritual connections. By means of meditation, we permit our bodies to become one with our multifaceted world. When we absorbrepparttar 143392 spiritual energy around us, molecular transformations incur within. Self-healing, radical phenomenon, and psychic interactions are all aspects of this wonderful charge.

Parapsychology: Harnessing Your Etheric Energy

Written by Jim D. Ray

By Jim D. Ray

It is an unfortunate reality that society has inadvertently categorizedrepparttar natural abilities associated with bio-etheric energy as a form of entertainment.

Classifying skills such as precognitive event recognition alongside attractions like stage illusion have underminedrepparttar 142983 acknowledgement of etheric energy itself, impedingrepparttar 142984 acceptance of a wide spectrum of very natural, very real capabilities.

Why, then, are etheric-related abilities seemingly so rare? The answer is multidimensional.

Identifying Your Etheric Energy

All human beings haverepparttar 142985 ability to recognize, embrace, and utilize their bio-etheric energy, orrepparttar 142986 energy produced and emitted by all living organisms. Once harnessed, bio-etheric energy can allow a being to:

* Gain a broader, deeper perception of physical and/or emotional surroundings * Achieve greater use ofrepparttar 142987 brain’s traditional and extra-sensory functions * Increase knowledge absorption by participating in conscious bio-etheric energy exchange * Attain a working knowledge of etheric-related capabilities such as precognitive event recognition

The easiest analogy to recognizing etheric energy is that of electricity. Had mankind never harnessedrepparttar 142988 natural phenomena of electrical current, entire civilizations would have evolved inrepparttar 142989 absence of telephones, computers, televisions, and an array of other technologies that now seem second nature in our daily lives.

Though a closely integrated element of both individual and collective existence, bio-etheric energy and its uses have only begun to be identified and embraced by society. As we seek to become fully acquainted with this energy type, a new, yet common understanding of etheric energy and its properties has presented itself:repparttar 142990 energy exists, andrepparttar 142991 ultimate question is how to make complete use of it.

Harnessingrepparttar 142992 Intangible

In seeking to gain a working comprehension of bio-etheric energy, one must be willing to adapt a new dimension of faith, both in self and inrepparttar 142993 Universe. Faith is a plain transition betweenrepparttar 142994 physical, andrepparttar 142995 etheric;repparttar 142996 tangible, and intangible. In bridgingrepparttar 142997 gap between science andrepparttar 142998 unexplained, faith allows for confident progression into new endeavors to gain additional understanding ofrepparttar 142999 mind and body.

Because masteringrepparttar 143000 properties of bio-etheric energy includesrepparttar 143001 development of abilities or metaphysical advantages often regarded by society as paranormal, spontaneous occurrences of precognitive event recognition, remote viewing, telepathy, or other etheric-related abilities are commonly dismissed as subconscious “noise.” This misnomer can be attributed torepparttar 143002 school of psychology, whereasrepparttar 143003 science of bio-etheric energy and its related properties are based inrepparttar 143004 field of physics.

From a physics perspective, bio-etheric energy can participate inrepparttar 143005 transfer or exchange of particle energy with other bio-etheric bearing life forms through an exchange of nanophotons, or energy particles smaller than that of ordinary photons.

In theory, nanophotons haverepparttar 143006 capacity to pass through solid matter and travel at speeds significantly greater thanrepparttar 143007 speed of light, and are capable of transportation between predefined destinations throughrepparttar 143008 fabric of space-time. The smallest building blocks of existence, nanophotons allow forrepparttar 143009 exchange of “information” between beings capable of utilizingrepparttar 143010 neural receptors responsible for decoding bio-etheric energy.

Brain Training

Harnessing bio-etheric energy and related abilities requires a focused effort to flex and exerciserepparttar 143011 frontal lobes, orrepparttar 143012 region ofrepparttar 143013 brain associated with bio-etheric activity and interpretation. This “training” is similar torepparttar 143014 efforts necessary to acquire control over equilibrium and motor functions when learning to walk. Later in life, frontal lobe development is analogous to learning to write withrepparttar 143015 opposite hand. Although a challenging task requiring determined effort, exercisingrepparttar 143016 frontal lobes is necessary to stimulaterepparttar 143017 neural receptors responsible for interpreting bio-etheric energy.

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