The In-Your-Face, Idiot-Proof, Practically Painless Stay-on-Track-Every-Day-and-Get-Results White Board System

Written by Sheila Martin

Are you ready to learn an utterly simple, step-by-step technology for taking charge of your days ... and thus your online success?

Let me tell you how this system came into being....

I am a terrific planner and goal-setter. Yet year after year, I've created detailed, written, beautifully formatted plans that then disappear into a file folder orrepparttar bottom of a pile on my desktop.

And, all too often, I spend my days doing everything other than What Matters Most.

Out of my frustration, inrepparttar 117874 waning days ofrepparttar 117875 old century I invented a new system for keeping myself on track -- every day -- in a way that is simultaneously "in my face" and yet painless.

I have been using this system for just a few months, but already my productivity has skyrocketed!

Here are just a few ofrepparttar 117876 accomplishments that I had talked about for MONTHS, but never acted on until I implemented this system:

==> The creation and launch of my new website:

==> Publication and promotion of my new weekly ezine, "Network Marketing Nuggets"

==> Development of an automatic follow-up system for online leads

==> The successful debut of a publicity campaign to drive local and global traffic to my web sites


1. Buyrepparttar 117877 largest white board you have room for (mine is 4'x3') or use Static Image. (Imagine a white board that comes on saran wrap, which makes it cling torepparttar 117878 wall with static electricity ... wonderful stuff!)

2. Give your board a title. Mine is "DreamBuilders Command Central."

3. Divide your board into 6 equal boxes.

4. In Box 1 write "Game Plan 2000" and list your top 5 or 10 goals forrepparttar 117879 entire year. (Or justrepparttar 117880 next 90 days. Whatever works for you.)

Money Making Tips

Written by Richard Low

I know you've seenrepparttar advertisements. They are everywhere that you look: newsgroups, email signatures, web site articles, press releases and even in your own inbox (inrepparttar 117873 form of spam). It can be especially overwhelming to a newbie (someone new torepparttar 117874 internet). You know what I mean - money making opportunities.

Sometimes they seem so enticing, so wonderful, so obvious that it just appears that someone had indeed stumbled onrepparttar 117875 perfect money making scheme. And, better yet, they are good-hearted enough to want to share it with anyone, forrepparttar 117876 small price of $19.95 (per month), $295 or even $3.95. What nice people.

Of course, if you think about it for even a minute,repparttar 117877 first question that comes to mind is: ifrepparttar 117878 secret is so great, then why aren't they rich and living on some tropical island yet? Why do they have to try and sell this thing to us onrepparttar 117879 internet?

Okay, so you want to make some money onrepparttar 117880 internet. What'srepparttar 117881 secret?

To be honest, selling onrepparttar 117882 internet is more-or-lessrepparttar 117883 same as selling anywhere else. You have to follow these basic steps:

- Find or create a product or service which you think may be of value to others.

- Figure out how to sell that product. In other words, determine your market and how to best reachrepparttar 117884 people withinrepparttar 117885 market who make purchasing decisions.

- Implementrepparttar 117886 method that you choose to sellrepparttar 117887 product or service. Usingrepparttar 117888 internet, this could be a store front, a web site, an ezine or perhaps just lots of advertisements.

- Promote your product or service.

- Keep statistics to determine if you are actually sellingrepparttar 117889 product or service. You also need to know if it is costing you more to sell it than you make (yes, income must exceed expenses - that's why most ofrepparttar 117890 dot coms have been failing recently: they forgot this basic lesson).

- If you are making a profit (income exceeds all expenses), then figure out how to better sell your product. However, don't change anything that is causing you to make money. In other words, if it is working, leave it alone.

- If you are not making a profit (expenses exceed income), then figure out why and take corrective action. Immediately and without hesitation.

Also remember some basic rules (which many ofrepparttar 117891 dot coms forgot or never knew inrepparttar 117892 first place).

The Customer isrepparttar 117893 boss. This isrepparttar 117894 most basic datum of all. Any company that has poor customer service or loses sight of this basic fact will, inrepparttar 117895 short or long term, fail. For example, if your customer wants a refund, then give it to him, no questions asked, with a smile. If you find you are refunding too much money, then check outrepparttar 117896 quality of your products or services.

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