The Importance of the Follow Up Letter

Written by Sue and Chuck DeFiore

Something we talk about consistently with our coaching students isrepparttar importance ofrepparttar 147321 follow up letter. However,repparttar 147322 follow up letter is not limited to those who are operating a lease purchase business. Whatever type of business you are operating, after speaking with a potential client you should be sending some type of follow up correspondence. It could be a letter, a post card, or in some instances an email.

I canít countrepparttar 147323 number of deals we have gotten from a follow up letter we sent. The longest time to go by before hearing from a seller was 14 months, but we did hear from them. Why, because I sent a follow up letter and included my business card in that letter. Now with lease purchasing andrepparttar 147324 card we use, we offer an incentive to sellers to call. Our card has a very memorable tag line, it makes people want to call us! So, you want to be sure your business card distinguishes you from allrepparttar 147325 rest. Think about it, how many of you have visited open houses and sawrepparttar 147326 plethora of business cards from real estate agents sitting on a counter top and table. Nothing on those cards distinguishes one fromrepparttar 147327 other.

Making Your Contacts Work For You

Written by Sue and Chuck DeFiore

The best way to explain this concept is to tell you a story. While calling for lease purchasing property, I spoke with an older widowed woman. I went through my script and when I asked her why she thought her home hadnít sold, she said to me, I just donít know, I put it inrepparttar paper. I then asked her if she had a FSBO sign in her yard, or if she had posted any flyers aroundrepparttar 147320 neighborhood or inrepparttar 147321 nearby markets. She said, why no, I havenít. To make a long story short she said she would ask her granddaughter to help her do just that. She thanked me profusely and I told her to call me if she needed any help!

Now I am sure there are some of you out there saying, why, she isnít doingrepparttar 147322 deal with you, and I say right back to you, it is not always aboutrepparttar 147323 money. What do I mean by this, just this, you are a business owner in your community and sometimes good will is more important than money. Do you know what happened because I helped this woman? You got it, she sold her home and gave my card to her granddaughter and her fiancť to call me to see if I had a property they might be able to lease purchase. I did in fact have one, so she gave themrepparttar 147324 money (from her house sale) to move into a nice lease purchase home. Because she referred them to me, I sent her a referral fee and let me tell you she told all her friends before she moved to Florida and we got several more deals from those calls.

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