The Importance of Your Elevator Speech

Written by Ryan Stewart

You may be trying to get a job as a pharmaceutical sales representative or you may be an experienced rep and looking for a new opportunity. You have done your research onrepparttar latest industry news, you have had your résumé updated by a professional and you bought a new interview suit. You are ready, right? Wrong. You have forgotten a very important component in your pharmaceutical job search.

Remember that every career design should haverepparttar 146305 following basic tools:

* Résumé * Career Portfolio (a.k.a. Brag Book), including your proven sales results and any awards, recognition, etc. * List of pharmaceutical companies that meet your needs for an employer * A networking program, including your elevator speech

Since 80% of jobs filled today are never advertised, a networking program is essential to success and an elevator speech is a vital part of that program. An elevator speech is a brief speech that describes your experience and what you can bring to a potential employer. It serves as a verbal advertisement that illustrates your value in a concise and memorable manner.

An elevator speech gets its name fromrepparttar 146306 fact that it should be short enough (under 30 seconds) to tell someone on an elevator. It should be easy for you to remember at anytime, whether you are relaxed or nervous, and must include attention-grabbing information. Whilerepparttar 146307 exact content is up to you, be sure you includerepparttar 146308 following:

* Your name * Area of expertise * Attention-grabber that speaks torepparttar 146309 need ofrepparttar 146310 listener

Here are two actual elevator speeches. Which one do you think getsrepparttar 146311 best results?

“Hi. I am Caroline Cross, a pharmaceutical rep for Sandoz. I have a Bachelors degree in chemistry and a Masters degree is biology. I am looking to join a company where I can advance my career and eventually work my way into management”

“My name is Chris Stanley and I generated a 30% increase in territory sales overrepparttar 146312 past 6 months. Additionally, I developed a new product projection matrix that has increased product diversification among our client physicians by 15% over a 2 month time period. My ultimate goal is to use my industry knowledge to increaserepparttar 146313 profitability of a cutting-edge organization.”

The Power of Effective Follow-Up

Written by Ryan Stewart

One ofrepparttar most effective ways to build your sales network isrepparttar 146267 follow-up sales call. When utilized properly, this can influencerepparttar 146268 outcome ofrepparttar 146269 sale. Unfortunately, many people don’t plan properly and loserepparttar 146270 opportunity for a return visit. Here are some tips to ensure that you are maximizing your follow-up opportunities:

* Take notes during your sales call. You may only have one point that you document but that may be an important piece of information later on inrepparttar 146271 sales process. * Learn how to effectively question your prospect. When you meet with a client effective questions get them to reveal their needs, whether stated or implied, and this creates an opportunity for you to address that need. * When networking be sure to provide your contact information andrepparttar 146272 best times to reach you for additional discussion. * Listen to your prospects. This isrepparttar 146273 obverse of questioning and is certainly more important. Effective listening requires that you are able to paraphrase your prospects and truly understand what they are saying. When you do this well you uncover useful information that can help closerepparttar 146274 sale.

All of those points lead to your ultimate goal, a reason to follow up with your prospect. This isrepparttar 146275 most important component in developing a networking relationship. During any sales call, work towardsrepparttar 146276 goal of having a reason to follow-up with your prospect. This may mean making a scheduled return, dropping by unexpectedly or making a follow-up telephone call. If you took appropriate notes and effectively listened you should have at least one reason for following up with your prospect. Some of those reasons may include:

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