The Importance of Travel for A Writer

Written by Maxine Thompson

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Dr. Maxine Thompson

“Don’t go intorepparttar city alone,”repparttar 147371 blonde tourist warned me atrepparttar 147372 port of Belize. “They will cut off your arm for your jewelry.”

This was in October 2004, when I went on a Caribbean cruise which, among other islands, stopped inrepparttar 147373 country of Belize. As I have a friend (whom I’ll call Natalia) who grew up in Belize, this made me curious as to howrepparttar 147374 people actually lived.

Instead of jumping on a tour bus, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and go offrepparttar 147375 beaten path. I found a group of men standing outsiderepparttar 147376 gates ofrepparttar 147377 port, clamoring for customers to get into their cabs. Finally I choserepparttar 147378 most friendly-looking man and climbed into a taxi, which was actually a jitney. On this hour-long ride aroundrepparttar 147379 island, I, not only felt deliciously alive, I saw Belize through Natalia’s eyes.

My driver, Raoul as I’ll call him, assured me thatrepparttar 147380 people would treat me kindly becauserepparttar 147381 island is largely supported by tourism. First, he took me torepparttar 147382 richer side ofrepparttar 147383 island. This side of town was comprised of small mansion-like homes, wrapped around by lush palms, which belonged torepparttar 147384 prime ministers andrepparttar 147385 dignitaries. The neighborhood was sedate and quiet as allrepparttar 147386 inhabitants were at work.

Afterwards, we blundered throughrepparttar 147387 back streets and alleys of Belize, and I metrepparttar 147388 everyday denizens, includingrepparttar 147389 derelicts.

Looking back, in what Raoul described asrepparttar 147390 “hood” side ofrepparttar 147391 island, I noticed thatrepparttar 147392 largest house belonged to that ofrepparttar 147393 Obeah woman. This house was chalky white and resembled a mausoleum. It stood out likerepparttar 147394 Taj Mahal in a trailer camp as it was surrounded by what can only be described as windowless hovels and wooden shacks. Suddenly I realized and appreciated how much Natalia had accomplished by coming to America from this third-world country. (Truly, Natalia had given me an accurate picture as to how underdevelopedrepparttar 147395 country was.)

But this trip also made me think. How can a writer improve his writing through traveling?

These are just some ofrepparttar 147396 benefits I gained.

1.. Travel gives you a broader frame of reference from which to write. 2..You get to see how people in other parts ofrepparttar 147397 world live. 3..Travel helps you learn how it feels to walk in another man’s shoes. 4..Travel satisfies a writer’s curiosity and can give you life-changing information. 5..Travel gives you a fresh perspective on life and expands your horizons before you close your eyes in death.

The Importance of the Follow Up Letter

Written by Sue and Chuck DeFiore

Something we talk about consistently with our coaching students isrepparttar importance ofrepparttar 147321 follow up letter. However,repparttar 147322 follow up letter is not limited to those who are operating a lease purchase business. Whatever type of business you are operating, after speaking with a potential client you should be sending some type of follow up correspondence. It could be a letter, a post card, or in some instances an email.

I can’t countrepparttar 147323 number of deals we have gotten from a follow up letter we sent. The longest time to go by before hearing from a seller was 14 months, but we did hear from them. Why, because I sent a follow up letter and included my business card in that letter. Now with lease purchasing andrepparttar 147324 card we use, we offer an incentive to sellers to call. Our card has a very memorable tag line, it makes people want to call us! So, you want to be sure your business card distinguishes you from allrepparttar 147325 rest. Think about it, how many of you have visited open houses and sawrepparttar 147326 plethora of business cards from real estate agents sitting on a counter top and table. Nothing on those cards distinguishes one fromrepparttar 147327 other.

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