The Importance of Title Tags on a Web Page

Written by Brian Basson

This is a crucial point many times neglected by webmasters. Arerepparttar Title of a web page really that important, and if so, how would one optimize a title tag of a page forrepparttar 127817 search engines ? Google and most other important search engines place a relatively high value onrepparttar 127818 "title tag" of a web page, as this normally gives a pointer or indication of what one can expect to find inrepparttar 127819 contents of that page. It is therefore very important to spend some time deciding onrepparttar 127820 best possible title for every page of your website - but stick to a title related torepparttar 127821 contents onrepparttar 127822 specific page - failure to do so can result in that page being penalized byrepparttar 127823 search engines ! One can basically say thatrepparttar 127824 title and contents need to compliment one another.

An important pointer in this regard is to have a title incorporating important keyword phrases, eg. ifrepparttar 127825 contents of a page is about a Radio Controlled Car Club situated in Scotland, UK, a good title choice could be : "Scotland Radio Controlled Cars , UK Remotely Operated Car Clubs". Should you have various similar content pages onrepparttar 127826 same website, you can play around with additional synonyms, plus variations ofrepparttar 127827 above title.

Website Content vs. your Search Engine Rankings

Written by Brian Basson

This is a one ofrepparttar most important questions any webmaster should ask him or herself : which keywords, how much, and how to naturally include it inrepparttar 127816 site's content ? Many people refer to this plainly as keyword density. Getting back to basics -repparttar 127817 search engines spiders websites all overrepparttar 127818 internet. Many factors will give a site a certain rank onrepparttar 127819 search engines, including links pointing towards a site, title and description tags, but inrepparttar 127820 end, one ofrepparttar 127821 most important factors is site content - Isn't this exactly why we searchrepparttar 127822 internet inrepparttar 127823 first place ? We search for specific information, and relevant information is what we're hoping to get when searching a search engine. The betterrepparttar 127824 content,repparttar 127825 higher your website's rankings should be.

It is therefore extremely important to look at your site's content - what, where, when and how ! The trick lies in giving content a natural flow, like when reading a book. Content having an

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