The Importance of Search Engine Optimization SEO

Written by John Doetsch

Search Engine Optimization is a key to any successful internet marketing strategy. There are numerous definitions and interpretations as to exactly what Search Engine Optimization means. It isrepparttar process in whichrepparttar 142613 careful and strategic placing, analysis, and wording of keywords of text on a particular website to enable optimum search engine rankings, this definition comes from There are several ways in which this process can benefit internet marketing strategies.

When creating or updating a commercial website,repparttar 142614 reason is typically to makerepparttar 142615 products more attractive to viewers, while atrepparttar 142616 same time creatingrepparttar 142617 ability to gain more exposure with a broader audience. While most websites have a target audience, it is this ability to gain a larger, broader audience that they are all searching to gain. The Search Engine Optimization process allows forrepparttar 142618 creation of a higher page ranking when a potential viewer is using a search engine to find specific websites based uponrepparttar 142619 searchable keywords they will enter. This process identifies those keywords that will benefit a particular website and uses them in such a way that it gets a higher page ranking when those keywords are searched. For example, if "internet marketing" was searched for in Google,repparttar 142620 more timesrepparttar 142621 phrase "internet marketing" is included withinrepparttar 142622 website, potentiallyrepparttar 142623 closer torepparttar 142624 toprepparttar 142625 page will be displayed.

In this time of maximum Internet usage, many searchers only use first page displayed websites on their searches because this is whererepparttar 142626 pages with those higher page rankings are displayed, which translates into these pages findrepparttar 142627 highest relevance to their keyword searches. Please do not makerepparttar 142628 mistake of thinking that these websites arerepparttar 142629 only ones out there that will haverepparttar 142630 relevant search information, it just means that these websites have better marketed themselves to be located when specified keywords are searched, which isrepparttar 142631 exact benefit of Search Engine Optimization. This makes it even more critical that each website understandrepparttar 142632 importance of andrepparttar 142633 knowledge necessary to adapt their websites to benefit from Search Engine Optimization.

Do you have a site map?

Written by Dušan Drobac

Many websites are using dynamic JavaScripts for their navigation menu. It gives great usability to website, but there is one problem. JavaScript menus are not read by search engines. So any link which is used in JavaScript menu will be invisible to search engine spider. To ensure that search engines spider find all your links it is important to have a link to site map onrepparttar main page of your website. What is site map. It is index of all your pages with link to them and brief description If you have more than few pages it is tidious work to create site map each time you add a new page to your website.

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