"The Importance Of Sales Copy"

Written by Randall Helling

There are a lot of online entrepreneurs trying to sell excellent products - but failing! They are failing because they are overlookingrepparttar importance of getting their message out to prospective clients. (...their "sales copy" - an effective direct response sales message.)

To many internet newbies focus onrepparttar 108152 fancy website technology. I have personally been to hundreds (...maybe even thousands) of websites that have sounds, flashing popups, scrolling messages and more...but I can't find what they are selling!

Your goal, whether it's a webpage, sales letter or newsletter article, should be to get visitors to take immediate action. You want visitors to view literature that you've created and immediately be motivated to learn and/or know more.

There are numerous individuals promoting information on writing sales letters and advertisements - and I'll even recommend a few atrepparttar 108153 end of this article. But what you need to fully understand first, isrepparttar 108154 basic ingredients of a "sales copy":

1. The Headline 2. The Opening 3. The Selling Copy 4. The Tone 5. The Offer 6. The Guarantee 7. The Motivation 8. The Postscripts

Obviously I don't have time to go through all of these items here. So, let me just touch onrepparttar 108155 first item. But remember, you are going to have to fully understand all of these basics to be successful.

The Headline - "Writing Headlines"

The headline of a sales letter is so important because this one little item will either make or break you. It's estimated that 85% ofrepparttar 108156 of a sales letter's effectiveness is gathered inrepparttar 108157 headline!

The key ingredient is emotion. Emotion is what moves people, for example, loss of income, loss of health, fear of failure, etc. All of these things are purely emotional and will be extremely effective in regards to sales power. Examples:

“Out of Focus” Ads Can Cost You Customers

Written by Karon Thackston

by KaronThackston © 2003 http://www.copywritingcourse.com

As I was riding downrepparttar road last week, I noticed a billboard. As I sat waiting on a stoplight I kept staring at it. I couldn’t help wondering what those people were thinking when they created that thing. It made no sense to me whatsoever. The focus was completely off. They were spending all that money on a billboard that was practically useless.

That happens quite a bit with all types of advertising. Well-meaning people design and/or write ads that just don’t make good sense. For all their time and all their money they will likely get nothing in return. So, what did they do that was all wrong?

This particular billboard was for a realtor. Half of it was taken up with his photo. I understand photos… they help to create relationships and give people a face to put with an otherwise arbitrary name. But halfrepparttar 108151 billboard? The photo should have definitely been much smaller.

The next biggest thing onrepparttar 108152 billboard wasrepparttar 108153 realtor’s tag line. To be honest, I don’t remember whatrepparttar 108154 tag line was… something pretty generic like “Serving your real estate needs for 15 years.” Nothing worth taking up all that space for.

Next… in aboutrepparttar 108155 same size font (type) asrepparttar 108156 tag line wererepparttar 108157 name ofrepparttar 108158 real estate company andrepparttar 108159 realtor’s name.

Last - and inrepparttar 108160 smallest type - wasrepparttar 108161 contact phone number. Hmmm… does something seem wrong to you?

Now let’s think about this. What isrepparttar 108162 purpose of putting up a billboard - or any other piece of advertising? To get people to respond. And how do people respond? In this case by contacting you. If I had a shot at redesigning this billboard, I would do a lot of things differently.

The biggest two things onrepparttar 108163 billboard would berepparttar 108164 realtor’s name and his contact phone number. If a person driving by only got two pieces of information from this ad, I’d want it to berepparttar 108165 name of who to contact and how.

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