The Importance Of Having A Mentor

Written by Larry Denis

When you first start your business everything can be quite confusing. There are many pitfalls and problems that are difficult to work out on your own. Choosingrepparttar right business for you. How to getrepparttar 116996 edge on your competitors? What to do first? How to really make money and escape that 9-5 job? These are just a few ofrepparttar 116997 confusing questions that facerepparttar 116998 beginner. If you try to begin without help, you are setting yourself up for failure. Very few can succeed in business without someone to help you and steer you inrepparttar 116999 right direction. You are indeed like a ship without a captain when you try to start a business alone

Here are a few common mistakes made by “newbies” when they first start a home-based business.

1. Starting a business without knowing who you should be marketing to. Without knowing how to target your market you can spend hours of wasted time and a lot of wasted dollars.

2. Getting intorepparttar 117000 wrong business, with too much competition supply and not enough demand. If you do not get into a specialized market with high demand and less supply you are setting yourself up for failure and you will never make a decent living.

3. Believing that a free program will make you money, these are some ofrepparttar 117001 biggest scams onrepparttar 117002 Internet.

4. Joining one business opportunity failing after a month and then joining another and another. This is how many beginners loose tons of money and valuable time.

5. Thinking that money can be made in a short time with no work, this is another pitfall too many “newbies” fall into.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some personal guidance, somebody who can work with you one-on-one? Show you how to start right and save you all that time and money. Somebody who can help you “cut a pathway throughrepparttar 117003 trees.” This is where a mentor will help you, and better still a course that comes with mentoring help.

There are very few true mentoring courses, where you can really get one-on-one help. Usually you purchase your course and then have to work outrepparttar 117004 rest. However a mentoring course is different. When you purchaserepparttar 117005 course you will get one-on-one help for your questions and any problems you may have. As you progress through repparttar 117006 course your mentor will coach you on any problems you may have and show you how to overcome them. One ofrepparttar 117007 main reasons for new Internet businesses failing is lack of guidance. There is just too much to know and do without someone to help you.

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