The Illusion of Democracy

Written by Loloa Ibrahim

The Illusion of Democracy


Inrepparttar bitter cold of Serbia’s October, tens of thousands of defiant, men and women take torepparttar 126037 streets in protest. In unison they roar “He is finished.” They capturerepparttar 126038 parliament building in a show of defiance. Outnumbered, police relinquish power torepparttar 126039 mob, standing idly by as young men and women stormrepparttar 126040 building. Before long, millions of uncounted ballots fromrepparttar 126041 rigged elections are thrown down torepparttar 126042 people. They showerrepparttar 126043 jubilant crowd like bursts of confetti. It isrepparttar 126044 end of Slobodan Milosovec’s self-imposed tyrannical reign as president. It isrepparttar 126045 dawn of democracy.

October, 2002— It is that exhilarating time of year—election time. Two years have passed sincerepparttar 126046 Serbian people’s non-violent resistance andrepparttar 126047 country’s induction intorepparttar 126048 free world. For a country that had fearlessly united with fire and fervor inrepparttar 126049 face of a tyrant and demanded dignity, and had become a testament torepparttar 126050 oppressed ofrepparttar 126051 world—this was a time millions stilled to watch. What they would see this year would shock their very belief inrepparttar 126052 promise of democracy. Voter turnout in Serbia is so low thatrepparttar 126053 elections are declared invalid.


In a related but completely dissimilar story in another part ofrepparttar 126054 world, one country holds a fairy-tale election with astoundingly perfect results. The citizens of this “utopia” would never miss an opportunity to vote for their beloved ruler. With adoration, and for some literally with their blood, millions of voters cast their ballots forrepparttar 126055 man who evidently provides them with comforts worthy of such a show of appreciation. The man: Saddam Hussein.

Unquestionably, this most beloved of rulers isrepparttar 126056 first ever to win one hundred percent of a country’s vote, making him ruler for another seven years. There are over eleven million eligible voters and every one of them voted for Saddam that day. The sick,repparttar 126057 limping,repparttar 126058 old,repparttar 126059 frail—all came. Saddam’s people insistrepparttar 126060 vote was fair and accurate. Saddam Hussein wasrepparttar 126061 only candidate.

Without resorting to speculation, could it be that perhaps his beingrepparttar 126062 only contender played a role in his receiving one hundred percent ofrepparttar 126063 vote? It’s a far cry, but it just might be true. The Third Wave?

This is a bad time for democracy. It has shown us some ofrepparttar 126064 most absurd and unjust elections. So what has happened torepparttar 126065 “Third Wave?” The one political scientists and analysts have boasted about sincerepparttar 126066 fall of communism. The Third Wave of democratization that sweeps throughrepparttar 126067 world replacing oppression and tyranny with truth and justice. If anything,repparttar 126068 results of these absurd elections point to a new phenomenon—a wave of “half-done” democracy that is hurriedly being implemented withoutrepparttar 126069 necessary foundations in place.

Increasingly, it seems thatrepparttar 126070 countries that so avidly promote democracy somehow expect it to exist in a vacuum. What results is a highly skeptical and distrustful population, driven torepparttar 126071 voting booths out of despondency or, as inrepparttar 126072 case of Iraq, out of fear. But this is not true democracy; this is not true participation—the Third Wave so far is nothing more than an illusion.


Picture Robert Mugabe in his presidential palace talking defiantly torepparttar 126073 American ambassador onrepparttar 126074 telephone: “No, we do not need American election monitors. Zimbabwe’s elections are free and fair. We don’t need advice from a country that can’t run its own elections.” He refers torepparttar 126075 Bush and Gore mess of 2000.

After episodes of political violence and intimidation, and afterrepparttar 126076 press and media has been stifled and silenced, Zimbabwe’s elections take place. Concern is expressed overrepparttar 126077 mass arbitrary detentions, disappearances, and cruel and inhuman treatment by Mugabe’s men. The lack of transparency and accountability, coupled withrepparttar 126078 prevention of thousands of opposition supporters from voting, wins Mugabe a comfortable victory. The international community is as always—outraged.

Stop a War

Written by Ed Howes

Stop a War

A nation at war with itself cannot stand. He speaks of American justice and points us to evil while he cuts deals with nuclear armed devils. A friend of al Qaeda, he isrepparttar Commander-In-Chief ofrepparttar 126036 most powerful military force on planet earth andrepparttar 126037 man we call President. I know this is true because I heard it on TV.

In November, 2001, just weeks after declaring war on global terrorism, President George Bush and Secretary Donald Rumsfeld assisted some 8,000 members of al Qaeda and their Pakistani trainers to escape Afghanistan. Three to four hundred members ofrepparttar 126038 U.S. Delta Force hadrepparttar 126039 terrorists surrounded, in their gun sights and can testify they were ordered not to engage.

This episode was reported onrepparttar 126040 PBS program, NOW, with Bill Moyers, on February 21, 2003, by investigative reporter Seymour Hersh. The transcript is available fromrepparttar 126041 NOW/PBS Website.

If this report is correct: 1.The war on terrorism is a fraud. 2. President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld have provided aid and comfort to an enemy in wartime. This, I seem to recall, isrepparttar 126042 definition of high treason, a capital crime for which both men should be executed when properly tried and convicted. 3. President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld should be immediately relieved of office by Congress. Until this matter is resolved and before another American life is lost in a phony war created to convincerepparttar 126043 people to trade their liberty for security. Security that cannot be had at any price. Life carries risks that can only be minimized by personal choices, not police power. 4. If Congress refuses to act in this matter, leaving alleged traitors in a position to further destroy lives, they should all be recalled from office byrepparttar 126044 States.

It is known to American government that Pakistan is a sponsor of and shield to terrorism. General Musharraf is likely a puppet of radical fundamentalists in Pakistan and elsewhere. The economic aid flowing to Pakistan byrepparttar 126045 billions from American taxpayers, through a treasonous Congress, is used to support al Qaeda and to provide nuclear weapons to 3rd world powers like North Korea and probably al Qaeda as well. Pakistan isrepparttar 126046 Capitol of evil and government says, “No, look over here, at Iraq, Iran and North Korea! Pakistan is our nuclear proliferating terrorist friend because we fear them and must support their secular strong man.”

Every member ofrepparttar 126047 U.S. Armed Forces has sworn an oath to defendrepparttar 126048 U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Those members of Delta Force who leaked this story of presidential hypocrisy and treason have done their duty to America and their military brethren. I have no doubt more will come forward, if nothing happens to them, to confirmrepparttar 126049 treason of November, 2001. Whenrepparttar 126050 Commander-In-Chief is a traitor,repparttar 126051 soldier is in a very delicate position. He/she can be placed in harm’s way before testimony can be given. These witnesses need protection now. Should anything happen to them, we will know that treason has no limit.

Because high treason is a capital crime, it seems there is great reluctance to expose it, like a family secret. No one wants to accuse or tryrepparttar 126052 top leaders of a nation, perhapsrepparttar 126053 world. Saying and doing nothing makes everyone else complicit inrepparttar 126054 crime. Evenrepparttar 126055 panel on Now avoided calling this action a crime. It was portrayed as a political expediency to support secular leadership in Pakistan, General Musharraf.

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