The Ideal Exercises For Senior Golfers

Written by Mike Pedersen

The really tricky part about exercises for senior golfers, and getting them to do, isrepparttar fact they often suffer from various ailments and pains in various parts of their bodies.

It is like having to deal withrepparttar 145130 overworked engine of an aging car. Things always seem to go wrong allrepparttar 145131 time and there is always one problem after another. The situation is a little similar with older golfers.

Still, exercises for senior golfers have been known to have a major impact on their game. I have worked with golfers who are as old as 80 years and I can say with confidence that exercises have done a great deal for many senior golfers. We’ve had cases where stretch exercises have helped ease and in some cases have completely eliminated nagging back pains in senior golfers.

The good thing about golf exercises is that they are not a burden in any way and they are usually quite easy to do. They are not a reserve ofrepparttar 145132 young and physically fit. In factrepparttar 145133 exercises are designed forrepparttar 145134 unfit, to helprepparttar 145135 physically unfit attain a level of fitness that will impact on their golf game.

Golf Nutrition Is Not An Oxymoron…Listen Up

Written by Mike Pedersen

Golf nutrition is still a relatively new concept. However, everybody knows that leading athletes inrepparttar NBA and NFL quite often have special diets and specific nutrition programs to help them perform at their peak.

The reasons who golf nutrition is still in it’s’ infancy inrepparttar 145129 golf game is easy to see. To start with nutrition in sports goes hand in hand withrepparttar 145130 training and physical exercise program forrepparttar 145131 particular sport. In golf, exercises are still a very new concept although many professionals have already embraced it as an important part of their golf game.

For years golf has hadrepparttar 145132 image of being a leisure sport to be played byrepparttar 145133 rich andrepparttar 145134 sort of people who do not just carelessly break into a sweat. Then came golfers ofrepparttar 145135 likes ofrepparttar 145136 legendary Tiger Woods.

Forrepparttar 145137 first time inrepparttar 145138 sport, leading golfers were very young and extremely physically fit. Since then,repparttar 145139 game has never beenrepparttar 145140 same again and as exercise continues to take center stage golf nutrition has to grow alongside it.

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