The "IF" Word

Written by Rick Beneteau

I recall as a child being mildly scolded after coming home from Kindergarten and telling my mother all aboutrepparttar new word I had learned -repparttar 124051 "F" word. Spray painted across some garage door onrepparttar 124052 way to school, I guess I thought it sounded like a neat addition to my vocabulary. Not!

Now, as an adult, there's a word that doesn't quite haverepparttar 124053 same phonetic ring, but sticks out as much asrepparttar 124054 aforementioned expletive whenever I hear it. It'srepparttar 124055 "IF" word!

As human beings, almost all of us have been raised inrepparttar 124056 genre of past generations replete with allrepparttar 124057 innocent but self-limiting behavior. And there's no better word to exemplify these stunting characteristics than "IF". "IF" only I had done this. "IF" things were just different now. Whatrepparttar 124058 real "F" word is torepparttar 124059 vocabulary, "IF" is torepparttar 124060 spirit!

The mere subconscious mention of this word, and phrases such as "I wish" puts us into that conscience state-of-mind where we believe we are powerless. Powerless to change what we in fact haverepparttar 124061 power to change. Once we believe it, we act accordingly and then of course, we become powerless.

Many of you who have read me inrepparttar 124062 past know that I don't preachrepparttar 124063 rhetorical "anything is possible" gospel, because only truly reachable things are. I try to bring a realistic plate torepparttar 124064 table. However, I do believe and firmly, that our minds and our spirits are infinitely stronger than most of us believe. Taken inrepparttar 124065 reverse and torepparttar 124066 extreme, we can be our own worst enemies!

Why? Again, because we have been immersed inrepparttar 124067 misguidance of our ancestry. Patterns of learned behavior permeate both our aware and unaware beings and sabotage our very existence. Growth is almost impossible when we believe we can't, or, believe not to believe.

A few years ago I was involved inrepparttar 124068 writing and production of a CD of motivational and inspirational music. Called "On My Way", it walkedrepparttar 124069 listener through many dimensions of personal growth and "good stuff" for career success. One song that was not recorded forrepparttar 124070 project, was entitled "I Will" and it would be most appropriate for me to sharerepparttar 124071 lyric with you here:


Sometimesrepparttar 124072 hardest thing Is simply to decide To makerepparttar 124073 choice to change your life To change it from inside The journey's uneventful With waters calm and still Never clear destinations Until you say - I Will

Creating A Vision That Is Uniquely You

Written by Maria Marsala

What do you see yourself doing a year from now? 3 years? 5 years? When you die, what would you like people to say about you? The answers to those questions, and a few more, can assist you as you preparerepparttar "first edition", of your vision. Whyrepparttar 124050 first edition you say? Well, if you are an evolving human being, your vision is apt to change as you do.

A vision helps to pull you forward - towards "something you've deemed is special". Without a clear vision, you may find yourself confused, stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, and drained. How can you get back on "your" track? The answers are as individual as you are. Use some ofrepparttar 124051 ideas below as starting points.

Take a look at where your vision is on your priority list. If it isn't high enough on your list... ~~ask yourself why ~~do something about it ~~let it go

Write down every reason (excuse) for why you don't have a personal or professional vision. Don't stop till you have run out of reasons. Then followrepparttar 124052 suggestion that fits you best ~~Celebrate by burning what you've written! Isn't it time to letrepparttar 124053 excuses go? ~~Celebrate by creating at least five solutions to each of your excuses. If you can't come up with five, ask your coach for assistance. Then get going.

Some people can create a plan and that plan never changes. They go for something and don't stop till they get there. Others change their plan often. Still others use both styles. Remember what your style is and do your best. Don't worry about everything being "someone else's idea" of perfect. Throw "doing it perfectly" outrepparttar 124054 window! Whatever way YOU do it WILL be ideal for where you are now. That includes waiting tillrepparttar 124055 time is right for you or not doing it at all!

Ask your friends and clients what they think your personal or professional vision is about, what your strengths are etc. You may be surprised at what you learn!

Find a group to work with. Many coaches and consultants offer personal foundation groups, business start-up groups, find your ideal career groups, career support groups, or marketing groups. Often, you'll work withrepparttar 124056 group and a buddy towards your ideal plan, vision etc. If you want it badly enough, there is a group, via phone or in person, out there to assist you. To find groups: ~~Checkrepparttar 124057 business section of your local newspaper or your local business journal for groups. ~~Join a telephone group, such asrepparttar 124058 ones Maria's Place offers, that are listed at ~~Locate a coach, by usingrepparttar 124059 resources found at to find unadvertised in-person groups in your area. ~~Offer to host a group. Here you'd receiverepparttar 124060 program for free by hostingrepparttar 124061 group at your home and helping withrepparttar 124062 marketing and securing up to 7 other individuals. Maria's Place offers this option to residents of Kitsap, Jefferson, Mason and King counties Many other coaches and consultants will do this too, so check around your area.

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