The Hybrid Blog and Ping

Written by Keith Baxter

Copyright 2005 Keith Baxter

Forrepparttar past two years, one ofrepparttar 143059 best SEO inclusion tactics wasrepparttar 143060 use of blogs. Blogs have become a base standard in SEO marketing, but as times change, so doesrepparttar 143061 efficacy of any tactic.

With that said what worked two years ago certainly isnítrepparttar 143062 same thing thatís working now. The worst part is that uninformed marketers are still teachingrepparttar 143063 old methods of SEO marketing with blogs torepparttar 143064 masses. In this article, you will be enlightened torepparttar 143065 newest form of SEO marketing with blogs.

Letís begin by eliminating a huge fallacy.

The blog and ping is a process by which you post a snippet of information from your site to a blog (mainly with a URL to your site included, and then notify Yahoo that a post exists on this blog. The idea is that your blog will be spidered quickly by both Google (due to and Yahoo.

You only need to blog and ping a maximum of 10 pages from your site. The entire purpose for doing this is to attract search engines to your site and let them spiderrepparttar 143066 rest of your site on their own. You can equate this process to renting links. You simply rent one link to your site in order to getrepparttar 143067 spiders to visit your site.

Unfortunately money hungry marketers came along, didnít understandrepparttar 143068 concept, and then took it upon themselves to teach people that every page on your site required blogging and pinging. To top it off, these same uninformed marketers began teaching their followers that three pages should be processed every 15 minutes.

The blog and ping isnít as effective as it was a year ago because of these numbskulls.

With that said, it was time forrepparttar 143069 process to evolve. Its efficacy was diminished due to misuse and misguided education.

So where has it evolved to?

Home Business Success is All In The Mind

Written by Mal Keenan

Copyright 2005 Mal Keenan

Having attended my first Internet marketing seminar, hosted by Frank Garon inrepparttar U.K on June 11th/12th, I am not surprised atrepparttar 143058 content of each speaker's presentations.

Now before you go tellrepparttar 143059 online world that Mal Keenan is branding Frank Garon's seminars as predictable, let me explain.....

Noticingrepparttar 143060 top of each speakers' list of topics for discussion, each contributor had one thing in common, and that wasrepparttar 143061 word "Mindset" or a similar term relating torepparttar 143062 attitude with which you approach your online business.

You see I have always heldrepparttar 143063 view, and it was confirmed at this conference, that you MUST get your head right before you even think about becoming a success at ANYTHING. My home business newsletter( ) for a long time now has given equal space torepparttar 143064 "Mindset for success" aspect of business......I have made a point to feature a success article every week aswel as an Internet Marketing "how to" article. The ATTITUDE is AS Important asrepparttar 143065 DOING.

Success IS NOT going to come overnight and it is better that you enter into a business venture with this fact in mind. Of allrepparttar 143066 successful people online,repparttar 143067 vast majority have persisted for quite some time and surmounted many obstacles to get to where they are today.

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