The Human Side of Ad Tracking: How to Use Emails to Connect With Your Customers and Find Out Why They Really Bought

Written by Jeff Mulligan

Do you know why people buy from you?

What part of your offer put them overrepparttar edge? Let's face it, you worked for a long time on your sales copy. You created bonuses, designed a guarantee, sweated overrepparttar 147093 benefits and how to communicate them. But which of those factors really connect withrepparttar 147094 buyers? What actually motivatedrepparttar 147095 purchase?

If you knew, you could pump uprepparttar 147096 benefits andrepparttar 147097 parts of your offer that really drive sales. But how can you tell?

Actually, it's very easy. You just ask.

I do it every day and it takes me virtually no time or effort to get unbelievable information. How?

I add a simple email to my autoresponder series immediately after a customer purchases.

Here's what mine says:

Sample Email Request ==================================== Hi {firstname},

It's Jeff here, from CBmall.

I'm doing a bit of market research.

Can you tell me how you found out about CBmall? Was it a Newsletter? Ad? Search engine? Do you remember who referred you?

Or perhaps you were readingrepparttar 147098 10 Powerful Ways CBmall Makes You Money?

And what specifically made you decide to makerepparttar 147099 investment? What wasrepparttar 147100 benefit that put you overrepparttar 147101 edge and turned you into a buyer?

This is important, because soon you will be sending traffic torepparttar 147102 mall and this may helprepparttar 147103 CBmall sales information get better. Which will help you make more money!

Please just reply to this email withrepparttar 147104 answers.

Thanks so much for your help,

Jeff Mulligan ====================================

Every day these emails go out and every day I get valuable information. To me, finding out why people buy is more important than why they don't. (although I try to find that out, too) That's because there are so many reasons a person may not buy, many of which are beyond my control.

But knowing what turns on buyers is a huge benefit to me as I fine tunerepparttar 147105 copy. For example, here are some ofrepparttar 147106 comments I get:

**** The Results Provide Great Customer Insight ****

“I read allrepparttar 147107 info and I likedrepparttar 147108 fact that I did not have to create a web site and a bunch of other stuff. I am new to internet marketing as well as being technically illiterate but I figure I can follow instructions forrepparttar 147109 most part and you offerrepparttar 147110 support I will need.”

“Personalized autoresponder and newsletter.”

“Reason: The eBook, 10 Powerful Ways CBmall Makes You Money, made good marketing sense... Alsorepparttar 147111 products on ClickBank - CBmall are terrific and good sellers....”

“I found your ad at”

“I first heard of CBmall from your newsletter which I subscribed to in December but was not convinced. My next step was to getrepparttar 147112 10 Powerful Ways CBmall makes you money. This made things much clearer. The number of products available is impressive. The targeted traffic that is shared amongst owners is a useful bonus. The guarantee means no risk, which is essential as I am on a small pension.”

**** What You Can Learn ****

OK let's look at this small sample to see what I can learn from it.

Harness the Web to Sell Your Home

Written by Jacqui O'Brien

The majority of people inrepparttar UK who are looking to move house userepparttar 147073 internet to find properties for sale. So it makes sense to ensure that your property is onrepparttar 147074 web if you want to sell. If you are with an estate agent, most will list your property on one ofrepparttar 147075 major property portals. However more and more people, tired of paying thousands of pounds to estate agents who do little work, are voting with their feet and deciding to sell their home by themselves. There are over 100 websites inrepparttar 147076 UK where you can advertise your home for sale, ranging from a basic text listing to a full internet estate agent service. However most will have a limit torepparttar 147077 amount of information which you can add andrepparttar 147078 number of photographs which you can include. Often this will be much less information than in an estate agent’s details. The answer is to create your own webpage to sell your house. You don’t have to be a great computer expert, and you could do it all in an evening, using this step by step plan. Where can I host my webpage? Maybe you have some free webspace offered by your Internet Service Provider. Now isrepparttar 147079 time to use it! If you know a little about web design you are very lucky, as all you need is some very basic knowledge of HTML and you are ready to make an effective webpage. If not, you can use a word processing package such as Microsoft Word which will convert a document to a webpage. If you don’t have webspace you can userepparttar 147080 free webspace offered by well-known search engines such as Lycos Tripod or Yahoo Geocities. Most will have website building packages too, so that you can simply enterrepparttar 147081 information into a template and you have an instant website. Write a concise title for your page Write one sentence using as few words as possible which sum up your property, for example ‘For Sale: Three-bedroom semi-detached house in London’. Use this as your page title. Prepare your details However you decide to create your webpage, prepare your details beforehand using word processing package. You can do this in your own time, it will check your spelling for you and you won’t lose all your work if your browser crashes. Measure all your rooms and giverepparttar 147082 measurements in both metric and imperial. Remember to add anything interesting or unusual aboutrepparttar 147083 house, special about its location and mention if it is in catchment for a good school.

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