The Horizon Elliptical Trainer

Written by Timothy Gorman

The Horizon Elliptical is an affordably priced elliptical that comes with a one year warranty. It is considered a good buy forrepparttar money. People who have used it say thatrepparttar 146428 ride is comfortable becauserepparttar 146429 pedals level on their own.

One ofrepparttar 146430 problems withrepparttar 146431 Horizon Elliptical is thatrepparttar 146432 brakes, which are mechanical, break down and really need to be periodically taken care of. The upper body workout, which you get withrepparttar 146433 handlebars in motion, can be difficult and uncomfortable for shorter people to reach and use.

The Horizon Elliptical doesn't seem to be built as well as other higher end type ellipticals and may require servicing often. This machine may not be a really long lasting piece of equipment, but it's still considered to be worth buying. Because ofrepparttar 146434 problem with reachingrepparttar 146435 handlebars onrepparttar 146436 Horizon Elliptical, you should really test out a demo inrepparttar 146437 store to make sure that you can use it. If you decide to purchase a Horizon Elliptical it would probably be a good idea to also purchase an extended warranty.

Proform Elliptical Trainers Are Not For The Serious

Written by Timothy Gorman

Though many people seem to like their Proform ellipticals, these machines are found not to be very well built. They do just fine if you are not a serious or regular user. However for daily and vigorous workouts another type of elliptical would be a better choice.

Another drawback with Proform ellipticals is thatrepparttar warranty is very short,90 days on parts, and 90 days on labor. If you do decide on a Proform elliptical you should certainly invest inrepparttar 146427 extended warranty. Some people have also complained that afterrepparttar 146428 warranty has run out it's been difficult to getrepparttar 146429 company interested in your problems withrepparttar 146430 machine.

Proform ellipticals are made to look much better than they are, to catchrepparttar 146431 consumers eye. For instancerepparttar 146432 Proform elliptical 800 comes with six programs,and a fan to cool you off while you workout. You can also download additional exercise programs fromrepparttar 146433 net. The handlebars move to work your upper body andrepparttar 146434 unit has a heart rate monitor.

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