The Homeschool Classroom Setting

Written by Mary Joyce

If at all possible,repparttar homeschool education classroom setting should be a specific room, or at least an area ofrepparttar 147589 home. And even better, this room or area should only be used for your homeschool education organization. Itís important that your students associate this room with that of focus and learning. If a separate area for home study schooling is not possible then make surerepparttar 147590 area you do use is free from clutter and other non topical material that could be distraction whenrepparttar 147591 home school is in session.

Allowing for, and keeping your homeschool classroom organized is also a key ingredient for success. Not only should you provide for your organizational needs but letís not forget aboutrepparttar 147592 childís homeschool supplies and materials too! Be creative withrepparttar 147593 space you have. You donít need a big budget to get your classroom organized and setup. Use various sizes of boxes for cubby holes. Even bigger boxes could serve as partitions forrepparttar 147594 room! These boxes can even be painted (instead of your walls!) and have educational accomplishments even stuck on themÖ. You getrepparttar 147595 picture! And, if needed, atrepparttar 147596 end of each day they can be folded up and put away!

History Does Repeat Itself

Written by Jason Liptow

One of my biggest philosophies about history is that it does tend to repeat itself. Whether this is good or bad can be debated forever, but it is a phenomenon that also occurs inrepparttar field of economics. In fact,repparttar 147479 events of a historical period often influencerepparttar 147480 economy ofrepparttar 147481 time. One ofrepparttar 147482 greatest examples of history repeating itself isrepparttar 147483 current war betweenrepparttar 147484 United States and Iraq. Considerrepparttar 147485 following. Duringrepparttar 147486 early 1990's, President Bush, Sr. invaded Iraq. Atrepparttar 147487 timerepparttar 147488 economy ofrepparttar 147489 United States was pretty strong due torepparttar 147490 Reagan era. Shortly afterrepparttar 147491 invasion of Iraq byrepparttar 147492 United States,repparttar 147493 economy began to falter and there was ultimately no conclusion to this invasion asrepparttar 147494 United States pulled out after quickly declaring a victory. Compare this torepparttar 147495 current Iraq invasion. The United States' economy was doing very well duringrepparttar 147496 Clinton administration. There was even a surplus of billions of dollars instead ofrepparttar 147497 usual deficit that this country has seen so often. Unfortunately,repparttar 147498 terrorist attack on 9/11/2001 prompted current President Bush to first launch attacks against Afghanistan where it was believed Al-Qaeda was headquartered. Next, President Bush chose to attack Iraq for various reasons -- weapons of mass destructions, ties to terrorism, etc. Thus another war with Iraq andrepparttar 147499 United States began. Since thenrepparttar 147500 surplus ofrepparttar 147501 US economy has disappeared and is currently at a deficit. The United States found no weapons of mass destruction and has never found Osama Bin-Laden. Fortunately, Saddam Hussein was captured. Now

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