The Home Business Trap

Written by Gareth Longbottom

Whatever your reasons are for wanting a home based business, there can be no doubt, it is one ofrepparttar most rewarding feelings inrepparttar 117234 world when you start to seerepparttar 117235 rewards of your efforts paying off.

Whether you run an online or offline home businessrepparttar 117236 sense of achievment when your venture starts to turn a profit is immense.

You are in control of everything from choosing what time you start work, to how you contact your customers, to how you choose to promote.

However, just take a look atrepparttar 117237 above sentence and it quickly becomes apparent thatrepparttar 117238 rise and fall of your home based business rests squarely onrepparttar 117239 shoulders of one person................ YOU!

For some,repparttar 117240 dream of starting a home business and being your own boss can quickly be overshadowed byrepparttar 117241 day to day tasks that need to be performed by every type of business, online or offline.

The most overlooked and underestimated problem for a lot of home business owners can be time management.

You are in your own home surrounded by distractions that maybe wouldn't be there if you didn't work from home. You may have a family, children, a wife or partner, all these are equally demanding of you, and each deserves as much of your time as your new home business.

So how do you divide your time between those elements in your life and still findrepparttar 117242 time to run a successfull home based business?

Firstly, you need to develop a strong routine, maybe even set a few ground rules for your family and friends during your working hours.

Let them know that between certain hours ofrepparttar 117243 day you will be busy working andrepparttar 117244 fact that you are at home doesn't mean that it's ok for your friends to drop round for a coffee and a chat.

You will have plenty of time for that once you are established and atrepparttar 117245 point where you can devote less time to getting your venture up and running.

I’ll Take Quality Over Quantity Every Time

Written by Kirk Bannerman

Inrepparttar early days of developing my home business, I went forrepparttar 117233 numbers instead of focusing on targeting prospects. It took me a while to appreciaterepparttar 117234 importance of targeting (quality) instead of just going forrepparttar 117235 big numbers (quantity).

For online marketing, it helps greatly to get your website in front of people who are actually looking forrepparttar 117236 product, service, or opportunity that you are offering. This refers torepparttar 117237 concept of marketing your sites to your target audience, rather than wasting your time, effort, and money on people who are not already interested in what you have to offer.

Be wary of “massive action” techniques in this era when many ISPs feel their hottest marketing theme isrepparttar 117238 blocking of incoming emails, which they decide their customers do not want to receive (they arerepparttar 117239 self appointed “information police”).

Many ofrepparttar 117240 sources of cheap, high volume leads supply you with leads that have absolutely no interest in your particular business (or product or service) and furthermore, have been put intorepparttar 117241 list in such a manner that can get you into trouble with your ISP because you are unwittingly spamming (many of these bulk lead lists are created by robots that crawlrepparttar 117242 Internet and harvest email addresses)repparttar 117243 recipients.

In order to be effective in promoting your particular proposition, whatever it is, you have to seek out your target market. This is as true online as it is offline. Just because you are able to reach huge numbers of people with your message onrepparttar 117244 Internet far more cheaply and quickly than you can offline, does this necessarily mean you should?

What’srepparttar 117245 point of devoting your time and energies to marketing to a massive group of people without first knowing whether they, as a group, have a general interest in what you are offering?

It is much more efficient and effective to first find out where your prospective customers congregate, and then target that congregation, than it is to use a shotgun approach and hope that one of your pellets will somehow find its target (you know…throw enough up againstrepparttar 117246 wall and something is bound to stick). You will find that by selectively targeting your prospects before marketing to them, your conversion ratio (the proportion of your target market that takes positive action and actually purchases your product or service) will be much higher thanrepparttar 117247 results you would otherwise achieve without first takingrepparttar 117248 time to target your prospects. Once again, quality wins out over quantity.

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