The Home Biz Lift Is Beginning

Written by Rob Spiegel

Some weeks ago I speculated that conditions were ripe for a home business resurgence. Millions of workers have lost their jobs and are not likely to find new opportunities soon. Add to this a growing interest in staying close to home afterrepparttar September 11 attacks. Suddenly family is more important and tall buildings are less appealing. Launching a home-based company is a logical solution to these dual concerns.

So I called Stacy Henderson, editor-in-chief of Home Business Magazine, to see if she sensed a greater interest in home businesses lately. The magazine is owned by Stacy and her husband, Richard, who acts as publisher forrepparttar 117759 bi-monthly publication coveringrepparttar 117760 how-to and what-to of home-based enterprises. Henderson noted there was a clear increase in inquiries about home business. "We've noticed that people have inquired more about starting a home-based business duringrepparttar 117761 months from September torepparttar 117762 present, in comparison to this same time period in previous years."

She speculated that some ofrepparttar 117763 interest in home business was likely due to repparttar 117764 events of September 11. "Neither Richard nor I have any statistics to support this, but we personally feelrepparttar 117765 9/11 tragedy could be a contributing factor. It's certainly caused Richard and me to re-examine our own priorities and to renew out commitments to our family and our responsibilities at home."

Henderson suggested that in addition to September 11,repparttar 117766 economy itself is motivating people to consider starting a home business. "Duringrepparttar 117767 nine years of publishing Home Business Magazine, we've noticed that wheneverrepparttar 117768 economy slows down,repparttar 117769 interest inrepparttar 117770 home business market tends to accelerate," said Henderson. "People who have lost their jobs are seeking out home-based business alternatives. Nearly six percent ofrepparttar 117771 U.S. workforce is now unemployed. Millions of workers are in danger of losing their jobs, and many of them will take their first look at home-business businesses."

In addition torepparttar 117772 motivation of employment problems and a year to be close to home, Henderson said technology now makes it easier for people to compete in a home-based environment. "Wireless communication, high-speed Internet connectivity, and more powerful personal computer and office equipment have now made home-based business owners and home office workers as competitive as any inrepparttar 117773 economy today," said Henderson. "This increasesrepparttar 117774 potential for future home-based business growth."

Dream The Impossible Dream - Turn Your Ideas Into Reality.

Written by Noel Peebles

I'm sure you can recall having a sudden inspiration, a brainwave, a "bolt fromrepparttar blue", a brilliant idea striking you like a light being switched on inside your head. But for some reason you never developed that idea or brought it to fruition.

Maybe you have lain awake, unable to sleep, with your mind "racing" through numerous possibilities. "What if I did this? What if I did that?" Maybe you initially thoughtrepparttar 117758 idea was so original or brilliant, and at last, it wasrepparttar 117759 answer you have been looking for. But still nothing came of that brilliant idea. You are not alone. Every day millions, probably billions, of ideas pop intorepparttar 117760 minds of people all aroundrepparttar 117761 world. In reality though, only a small percentage of ideas are worthrepparttar 117762 time it took forrepparttar 117763 thought. Most ideas are fleeting "sparks" of inspiration that go nowhere, and get forgotten about, before they ever seerepparttar 117764 light of day.

Ofrepparttar 117765 ideas that are worth pursuing, very few are followed through to become a worthwhile development inrepparttar 117766 market place.

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