The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ

Written by Stephen Kingery

There is quite a lot of misunderstanding, misinterpretation and false teaching concerningrepparttar Holy Spirit. Every Christian should have a clear understanding ofrepparttar 141102 work ofrepparttar 141103 Holy Spirit. After all, every Christian hasrepparttar 141104 Holy Spirit dwelling within him or her. To go throughrepparttar 141105 Christian life without understandingrepparttar 141106 Holy Spirit is indeed a shame if not a sin.

In this article I hope to make crystal clear whorepparttar 141107 Holy Spirit is, andrepparttar 141108 work He performs. There are, for sure, many things inrepparttar 141109 Bible which we don't and can't have a full understanding of until Jesus Christ returns. For example, creation is a complete mystery to us. We do not know and we have not been told by God's Word how creation was accomplished. We simply accept by faith thatrepparttar 141110 account in Genesis is true as written. Eternity andrepparttar 141111 eternallity of God is another topic of which we are not given explicit details about. Again, by faith we acceptrepparttar 141112 account inrepparttar 141113 Bible as true. However, we are given much information concerningrepparttar 141114 Holy Spirit. As a matter of fact, there is so much information inrepparttar 141115 Bible concerningrepparttar 141116 Holy Spirit that an article of this nature could not even begin to discuss it in detail.

Who isrepparttar 141117 Holy Spirit? (Notice that I did not way "What isrepparttar 141118 Holy Spirit.") Many would have us believe thatrepparttar 141119 Holy Spirit is that since of goodness within each Christian,repparttar 141120 conscience, God's influence or some other "thing" whichrepparttar 141121 Christian possess because he is a Christian. Others even seerepparttar 141122 Holy Spirit as a terrifying ghost - probably becauserepparttar 141123 King James Version renders it as Holy Ghost rather than Holy Spirit. However, Holy Spirit more correctly describes this person ofrepparttar 141124 Trinity.

The best way I can think of to describe whorepparttar 141125 Holy Spirit is a personality ofrepparttar 141126 Triune God. In other words, Godrepparttar 141127 Father, Godrepparttar 141128 Son and Godrepparttar 141129 Holy Spirit. Therefore,repparttar 141130 Holy Spirit is one ofrepparttar 141131 three personalities ofrepparttar 141132 Trinity. We can clearly see this to berepparttar 141133 case by looking at four scriptures. "Now He who searchesrepparttar 141134 hearts knows whatrepparttar 141135 mind ofrepparttar 141136 Spirit is, because He makes intercession forrepparttar 141137 saints according torepparttar 141138 will of God." (Romans 8:27) We see here thatrepparttar 141139 Holy Spirit has a mind, or in other words is capable of thinking, reasoning and acting. The conclusion is that He is a person (personality). "Nowrepparttar 141140 Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart fromrepparttar 141141 faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons," (1 Timothy 4:1) In this passage we find an example ofrepparttar 141142 Spirit speaking and giving instruction to Paul as he writes to Timothy. This is further evidence thatrepparttar 141143 Holy Spirit is capable of thinking, reasoning and acting - thus a separate personality. "And do not grieverepparttar 141144 Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed forrepparttar 141145 day of redemption." (Ephesians 4:30) This is further evidence thatrepparttar 141146 Holy Spirit living, thinking and active and not a neutral conscience or influence on one's life.

Serving Christ

Written by Stephen Kingery

One of my favorite Scriptures is found inrepparttar last chapter of Joshua, "And if it seems evil to you to serverepparttar 140978 LORD, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve. . . But as for me and my house, we will serverepparttar 140979 LORD" (Joshua 24:15) I purposefully left part of this verse out to get torepparttar 140980 heart ofrepparttar 140981 matter. Joshua was givingrepparttar 140982 Israelites a speech prior to their enteringrepparttar 140983 Promised Land. He was telling them that they could choose to serve eitherrepparttar 140984 gods ofrepparttar 140985 people who dwell inrepparttar 140986 land, or they could choose to serverepparttar 140987 Lord.

Just like Joshua andrepparttar 140988 Israelites we in America have a choice to make. Are we to serverepparttar 140989 gods of American culture cable TV, sports, pleasure, sexual immorality, drugs, politics, gambling, drinking, money, power, prestige or will we serverepparttar 140990 Lord.

Joshua andrepparttar 140991 Israelites maderepparttar 140992 correct choice, they chose to serverepparttar 140993 Lord. Unfortunately, they did not eliminaterepparttar 140994 culture ofrepparttar 140995 people whose land they conquered. The people and culture, little by little, invadedrepparttar 140996 lives and hearts ofrepparttar 140997 Israelite people. Soon they were up to their eyeballs in "serving"repparttar 140998 gods ofrepparttar 140999 people whom they conquered. Are we, as Christians in America today, falling torepparttar 141000 same fate that they did?

I would like to look at three areas where we need to be steadfast in our serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Those areas are our lives, our talents and our finances.

Serving Christ With Our Lives

First, and foremost, we need to serve Christ with our lives. Now you may say, "I am a Christian. Of course I am serving Christ with my life." But are you really? What does it mean to serve Christ with our lives?

I just imagine that all too oftenrepparttar 141001 typical Christian feels that as long as he/she attends church on Sunday morning and then tries to live a decent liferepparttar 141002 rest ofrepparttar 141003 time that they are living a life serving Christ. But this is not so! Serving Christ demands much more than this.

Serving Christ with our lives means that we will be faithful torepparttar 141004 worship services as often as it is possible for us to attend. That means that attending worship service, Sunday School, mid-week Bible Study and so forth is our first priority. Not that we will attend if something else doesn't comes up. We should plant to attend all of these occasions to worship and praise God. The only time that we should miss one of these is when we simply cannot attend!

Serving Christ with our lives means that we take Him to work with us every day. I cannot imagine having a job that I could not talk about Christ with others. I realize that often we must be selective with whom we speak of Christ for many will simply not accept any instruction in becoming a Christian. However, we should always be looking for an opportunity to tell our fellow workers about Jesus and what He means to us. Then there are those that we work with that are Christians as well. It is really great to be able to talk about Christ with those we work with and to share with each other. I am not talking about ignoring our work duties. It is important that we give our employers a good days work forrepparttar 141005 money we receive. But there are always times and opportunities to witness for Christ.

It is also important to have Christ on our minds as we work. The day seems to go so much better when I can think about Christ and what He has done for me as I go aboutrepparttar 141006 many tasks I must accomplish. I have a job where I must make decisions each day which affect people. To ask for God's guidance and trust in Him makes those decisions easier to make and uphold.

What about serving Christ during those times which are recreation in nature. I certainly do not mean to imply that when one serves Christ that he/she cannot attend sporting events, play golf, go torepparttar 141007 movies, watch TV or any number of other recreational activities. However, how we approach those activities does have an affect on our serving Christ. Do we put those things first? If so, then we are not doingrepparttar 141008 right thing. Are we selective when we chooserepparttar 141009 things we want to do for fun? Again, we must be selective if we are to serve Christ with our lives. We should not watch most ofrepparttar 141010 filth on TV andrepparttar 141011 movies. Most of it is nothing but sex and violence. Be selective. Don't watchrepparttar 141012 filth.

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