The Holy Grail of Science

Written by Paras Chopra

Imagine playing football atrepparttar age of 239 with your grand-grand-grand children. Imagine donating blood atrepparttar 136699 age of 172. Imagine traveling into an inter-galactic spaceship torepparttar 136700 andromeda galaxy. Imagine not getting common cold at all. And imagine not having to see those AIDS awareness ads because AIDS being a history, taught in Medieval History-101. And imagine living to see Indian football team qualify for FIFA world cup. No, you are not being taken to utopia; instead, I’m trying to propel your minds towardsrepparttar 136701 future, which is nearer than ever before.

The fear of death isrepparttar 136702 most common ofrepparttar 136703 all phobias we know. No one wants to die. To imagine death isrepparttar 136704 worst punishment one can ever give. History has seen many heroes abandoning their quests just because they feared death. People may spend their fortune on treatments without guarantees of 100% recoveries. Nowrepparttar 136705 question arises, if death is so dreadful then why it is so common?

Death rides following reasons:

* Hunger: This factor is a major cause of deaths in poorer nations. There are many organizations working to freerepparttar 136706 food distribution process from bureaucracy but a lot of work still needs to be done.

* Accidents: These are mainly caused to negligence and carelessness. In this high-tech convergent world everyone is busy with his personal bunch of gizmos, unaware ofrepparttar 136707 precautionary measures. This carelessness isn’t safe. In nutshell, people are just too busy.

* Wars: This isrepparttar 136708 most shameful aspect of human species. Wars can be avoided and with them million of deaths. Only some social engineering is needed. Governments spend most of their GDP on defense research. This money can be put into more useful bio-researches leading to fewer diseases and lower mortality rate.

* Natural disasters: The inevitable factor. At present we can only predict but can not prevent natural disasters. We are left at mercy of our so called Mother Earth unless we colonize other planets.

* Ageing: Evolution maderepparttar 136709 humans mortal. Our bodies are just here to reproduce and nurture our kids to a level where they can reproduce. Then, biologically, our bodies become worthless – Telomeres have to shed its size. They are not required byrepparttar 136710 evolutionary process anymore, so we die.

* Diseases: Survival ofrepparttar 136711 fittest. Charles Darwin gaverepparttar 136712 world this famous theory. It implied that we survive to be fit. And if we’re diseased we cannot be fit. When those tiny pathogenic agents attack our body we fall sick. This is because they are genetically fitter than, us,repparttar 136713 mighty humans. Our bodies were not made to fight these agents and we fall prey to their attack. There are two ways to attackrepparttar 136714 disease. Either change our bodies (genome) to be able to fight or hinderrepparttar 136715 functioning ofrepparttar 136716 agents or eliminate them. Either way it is difficult so, presently, we are left with our sickening genome which we are unable to edit. Its mutation is left to evolution alone.

Well accidents can be prevented if awareness about their prevention is spread. This isrepparttar 136717 area where mass media has to play its role. And Wars can be prevented by peace movements and social engineering. And as far as natural disasters are concerned we can only plead to engineers to make structures safer. It is their duty to make structures capable of coping withrepparttar 136718 natural disasters suffering minimum damage to lives. But, it isrepparttar 136719 last two factors namely ageing and diseases, which are being described as The Holy Grail of Science.

The Dream Dancer's Mask

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

THE DREAM DANCER’S MASK: To what extentrepparttar eleven or thirteen dimensions proposed by Quantum Physics contain elements ofrepparttar 135795 future that would allow divination by those who dorepparttar 135796 ecstatic or drug aided dances likerepparttar 135797 Whirling Dervish is anyone’s guess. I think there are many ‘potential’ futures and few who can interpretrepparttar 135798 constructs and confusion therein.

ARTIFACT DESCRIPTION: a) Weight – two and one half pounds b) Composition – electrum – 80% gold We need to have a thorough analysis ofrepparttar 135799 composition that hopefully will provide clues as to when it was made. c) Symbology – There are marks behind or nearrepparttar 135800 eye hole(s) thatrepparttar 135801 face fits snuggly into. There are horns atrepparttar 135802 top and a handle atrepparttar 135803 bottom. The amorphous shapes onrepparttar 135804 face ofrepparttar 135805 mask are intentionally made to be seen as different animistic demons or forms which is in line with Bes andrepparttar 135806 earlier origins of Besrepparttar 135807 Egyptian representative deity. Bes and Loki are both tricksters andrepparttar 135808 horns might speak to Cernunnos or other horned gods that are ofrepparttar 135809 same continuum due torepparttar 135810 travels ofrepparttar 135811 Kelts or Olmecs and their Brotherhood. Shamans seek to project visions torepparttar 135812 ritual participants in their dances or performances. Often there were mind-altering drugs or ecstatic dances involved. The mutable nature ofrepparttar 135813 face of this mask suggests any viewer might witness their own personal spirit guide orrepparttar 135814 demon and elemental of their belief system pantheon. d) Collateral artifacts – The large lipped Negroid features on some lithics that resemblerepparttar 135815 Guatemalan and La Venta artifacts are instructive and might indicaterepparttar 135816 mask comes fromrepparttar 135817 same people who were in that part ofrepparttar 135818 world. The Cherokee calendar and Mayan system are similarly instructive. The lions and giraffes or other non-indigenous American fauna would indicate these travelers were in North Africa. This could berepparttar 135819 Figuig who came in 500 AD or any number of other migrations long beforerepparttar 135820 likes of Juba and his Ptolemy family arrived once Rome was building an Empire they cared not to participate in. We feel it is likely that our artifacts are far earlier than Empire and we are eager to seerepparttar 135821 professional work done to establish dates that should be in line withrepparttar 135822 early dating of Poverty Point in 4000 BCE if not earlier. However we must rule outrepparttar 135823 Melungeons or pre-Columbians like those who might have leftrepparttar 135824 Bat Creek artifacts. The Tennessee skeletons of pygmies might be connected if we find harmonics isrepparttar 135825 technology used in makingrepparttar 135826 symbols that are almost microscopic.

The Iowa artifacts and caves of a fellow researcher have been dated to over 11,000 years ago. My book details a move south after smelting was being done in most Old World areas around 4000 BC. The rebounding ofrepparttar 135827 land that still goes on as post-glacial re-adjustment causedrepparttar 135828 waters ofrepparttar 135829 Great Lakes to flow in many new directions inrepparttar 135830 fourth millennium BC. One artifact in Iowa is a kaleidoscopic book of minute symbols that change as light hits it from different angles. We believerepparttar 135831 same is true with many of our artifacts but more analysis is needed. There is a passage in Exodus that might relate. It is associated with what is calledrepparttar 135832 Ten Commandments. It could relate to poured stone as Davidovits and linguists have shown Pliny describe. Even that would require man makingrepparttar 135833 molds and molds are hard to make in curves such as one would expect a graven image of god to include. Here isrepparttar 135834 passage: Ex. 20:25 ‘And if thou wilt make Me an altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of hewn stone; for if thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it.’

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