The Ho-Hum Summer Days

Written by Esther Smith


From mid June to about mid September, life onrepparttar Internet does a slow meltdown. The lucky ones escaperepparttar 116829 screen and get away on holiday; that is, those who have made reasonable profits for their Online endeavors. Forrepparttar 116830 rest of us, it means doublerepparttar 116831 effort forrepparttar 116832 same, or less, results.

But during these weeks there are some good benefits if you are in forrepparttar 116833 long haul; and I hope this includes you. Almost without exception offers for advertising space goes “on sale” just to get your business. The “buy-one-get-one-free” pleas are numerous.

And this is an advantageous time for you to place ads in an Ezine with over 100,000 subscribers. The rest ofrepparttar 116834 year these high-end publications are generally beyond our budget. Generally they have “paid” subscribers. And because they “pay” for their subscriptions, they are more apt to read each issue even on vacation. Now that’s an audience “on point”, so to speak.

Another advantage to these weeks isrepparttar 116835 purchase of some opt-in subscribers to your list. Overrepparttar 116836 summer months you can work more closely with your “new signups”, and prepare them to make money not just for themselves but for you as well.

Of course it should go without saying that all those eBooks you downloaded and meant to get back to and read --- now isrepparttar 116837 time. Print them and read every word. This can be your “schooling” months, and that doesn’t cost one penny more to pick up something that you didn’t know before. Perhaps you’ll learn a shortcut or two that makes your Internet Marketing easier.

Why All The Fuss About A Good Management System?

Written by Joachim P. Dyndale

Everyone starts out small. And when you only have 10 or 50 subscribers you might think that spending money on a management system would be a waste of money. You're absolutely right! That is, if you're not accepting any more subscribers...

I know that some people start out by getting people to subscribe by sending an email to them. When they receive an email requesting a subscriptionrepparttar list-owner saves that email to its own folder in his/her inbox and addsrepparttar 116828 new subscriber's name and email address to his/her list.

When it comes time to send out an issue ofrepparttar 116829 newsletter/ezine,repparttar 116830 list-owner sends a copy to everyone onrepparttar 116831 list by simply adding each subscriber torepparttar 116832 list of addresses inrepparttar 116833 "To:" field. Others have progressed one step further and actually takerepparttar 116834 time to sendrepparttar 116835 message to each subscriber separately.

At least that's one step inrepparttar 116836 right direction... You MUST send each email to your subscribers as a solo-mailing. If you simply add a large amount of addresses torepparttar 116837 "To:" field in your email program, thenrepparttar 116838 email each subscriber receives will containrepparttar 116839 email address of everyone on your list. That's a disaster! And there's alsorepparttar 116840 fact that people hate mass mailings. An email like that would not be perceived as a personal letter at all.

Personalization isrepparttar 116841 key! You must make every subscriber feel likerepparttar 116842 letters they receive from you are to them, personally. You should includerepparttar 116843 name of your subscribers inrepparttar 116844 subject line (greatly increasesrepparttar 116845 chance of your subscribers actually opening your email), and if you can, include it inrepparttar 116846 message itself as well. Or even better, include some other personalized information about your subscriber.

Now, it IS possible to do email marketing correctly by doing itrepparttar 116847 manual way, like I've described here. There is one major problem though... Take a moment to think about how much time it would take you to paste your text into a new message, personalizerepparttar 116848 subject line andrepparttar 116849 message itself, send it to that one subscriber and then repeatrepparttar 116850 same process for each subscriber you wish to sendrepparttar 116851 letter to.

It would probably take as much as 15-20 minutes to send your latest issue to 100 subscribers. That's not counting repparttar 116852 time it would take for you to manually make absolutely certain you've removed allrepparttar 116853 people from your list who have requested it, andrepparttar 116854 time it would take to manually add any new subscribers to your list.

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