The History of the Franchise Business - Learning about Business Opportunities by Looking into the Past

Written by Howard Schwartz

Hair care has been around as long as humans have been onrepparttar planet. The earliest record of personal hair care dates back 2.5 million years ago, when brushes used to create cave paintings in Spain and France were adapted for use in hair grooming. Interestingly, many ofrepparttar 150402 innovations in hair design that are still used today originated inrepparttar 150403 late 19th century.

According to 2002 statistics, there were 1.4 million personal care services ( inrepparttar 150404 United States, 313,000 of which were beauty and hair salons. The hair salon service industry alone had revenues of $55.9 billion, while salon product sales were $5.5 billion. Coloring alone brought in $10.4 billion forrepparttar 150405 beauty industry in 2002.

The biggest single customer group isrepparttar 150406 baby boomer generation, who byrepparttar 150407 way now constituterepparttar 150408 largest population segment in America, and who are more than willing to spend money on a hair care services.

What this means is thatrepparttar 150409 prospects for owners of hair care businesses are solid and strong. The 2003 Job Demand Survey, distributed byrepparttar 150410 National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, indicated that average total income (including tips) for salon owners was $53,150 per year.

The Right Writer: How To Choose Your Next Freelancer

Written by Dr. Barry W. Morris

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So you’ve decided to outsource your next communications project! Great! By doing so, it allows you to devote more time and energy to doing what you do best: managing other projects and employees and getting more value for your marketing dollars.

However, you’ll soon discover that now you’re confronted with an even larger task than writing it yourself: findingrepparttar 150394 ‘right’ writer forrepparttar 150395 job.

Hiring a writer is sometimes a Catch-22 situation. At times, quality writers seem to grow on trees, but when you need one in a hurry to meet a rapidly approaching deadline, it can be difficult finding one who understands your business, your deadline, and your audience.

While findingrepparttar 150396 “Right Writer” can still be a tricky business, we’ve developedrepparttar 150397 four following guidelines that will enable you to locate and hirerepparttar 150398 most deserving candidate for your project!

Guideline One Look for a Writer with an Establish Web Presence

With technology becoming ever more affordable and user-friendly, designing and maintaining a web presence is becoming easier and almost commonplace. A writer with her own registered domain name is making a more serious statement than her counterpart whose material is hosted on a free AOL or Yahoo homepage.

Look forrepparttar 150399 most qualified writers to craft a personally branded presence that includedrepparttar 150400 following: •Sample of selected projects •A biography or resume •Listing of services and areas of expertise

Guideline Two Look for an Effective Writing Ability

What’s an effective writing ability? Think of it as a writer who can easily adapt and rapidly get up to speed in your business area. Many business writing projects are better handled by writers that have a broad range of business writing experience. The decision to assignrepparttar 150401 task to an in-house employee who is familiar withrepparttar 150402 project is almost always a mistake.

Why? The first reason is thatrepparttar 150403 person chosen for their familiarity is too close torepparttar 150404 project. Writing requires an objectivity that writers possess as an innate ability.

A product engineer who knowsrepparttar 150405 product inside and out will rarely possessrepparttar 150406 skills of a professional writer.

How do know if your writer hasrepparttar 150407 right mix of effective writing ability and project or topic distance? Return to their web site and look again at their samples askingrepparttar 150408 following questions:

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