The History of Pearls

Written by Brannon Smith

The exact time when pearls enteredrepparttar history books is unknown, as they were discovered long before pen was ever put to paper. 300 B.C. is one ofrepparttar 122024 earliest written recordings of pearls. Marco Polo also wrote of pearls in his travels. They were prized for their magnificent beauty and natural allure by royalty and commoners alike. Pearls arerepparttar 122025 most natural of gems as they need no cutting, polishing or other work to bring out hidden brilliance. Except forrepparttar 122026 nucleus implanting, they are totally created by nature and ready to admire right out ofrepparttar 122027 oyster.

Pearls pop up in early history as a highly coveted gem, revered by rulers ofrepparttar 122028 ancient civilizations of China, India and Rome. According to Xhao Xi Gou, a writer ofrepparttar 122029 Sung Period,repparttar 122030 ancient Chinese “did not value gold or jade, but valued pearls for they were far brighter”. In ancient China, pearls were used not only for adornment, but also as currency. They served to enhance their owner's image, imparting an air of authority and grace.

In Rome, pearls were assigned such tremendous value that entire military campaigns could be financed onrepparttar 122031 sale of a single pearl. The Romans ranked pearls as their most precious commodity. The Romans sent so much gold to India in exchange for pearls that a serious trade imbalance developed andrepparttar 122032 Roman economy weakened significantly. It was only a matter of time before Rome's pearl decadence contributed torepparttar 122033 decline ofrepparttar 122034 Roman Empire.

Ancient Hindu writings refer to pearls as bringing longevity and prosperity. The writings also tell an ancient story of Krishna who brought pearls to give to his daughter as a gift on her wedding day. This Hindu story is one ofrepparttar 122035 earliest known accounts of pearls andrepparttar 122036 wedding experience.

A Wedding in the Bahamas

Written by Ester Napoli

Do you envision your wedding in a tropical paradise? Perhaps you see yourself exchanging vows onrepparttar warm sand beside an aquamarine sea or sailing off intorepparttar 122023 sunset with ten of your dearest friends to enjoy a wedding feast andrepparttar 122024 spectacular scenery. If such a scenario appeals to you, a Bahamas wedding can make your dream come true.

In order to be eligible for a legal Bahamas wedding, you and your partner must spend one day inrepparttar 122025 Bahamas before submitting an application for a marriage license ($100). You must provide a photo ID. If you are widowed, you are required to providerepparttar 122026 death certificate of your spouse; if you are divorced, you must provide a document proving that you are legally divorced. You will also need to have proof of your arrival date inrepparttar 122027 Bahamas (your Bahamas Embarkation Card will do). It is recommended that you obtain a copy of your wedding certificate before you leaverepparttar 122028 Bahamas. It can be mailed to you if time is an issue but delays and complications have been frequently encountered. Once you arrive home, you will need this marriage certificate in order to obtain other legal documents.

Wedding packages are offered at most hotels and resorts inrepparttar 122029 Bahamas. Prices vary. Here are a few examples:

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