The History of Lancaster Castle Pt2

Written by Stuart Bazga

Welcome to part 2 ofrepparttar history of Lancaster Castle. In this final instalment we coverrepparttar 141351 Pendle Witch Trials, Take a brief glimpse into life at debtor’s prison, and discover what would happen to you as a child if you got caught committing an offence.

One ofrepparttar 141352 most famous events at Lancaster castle wasrepparttar 141353 Pendle Witch trials of 1612. Duringrepparttar 141354 reign of King James I, he passed laws which forbid any act of “making a covenant with an evil spirit, hurting life or limb, injuring live stock by means of charms or procuring love”. All of these acts were subject torepparttar 141355 death penalty.

The trial was centred on two families in which five of their members were accused (Elizabeth Southern, Anne Whittle, Ann Redfern, Elizabeth Device and Alison and James Device). Another five fromrepparttar 141356 same locality (Jane Bulcock and her son John, Alice Grey, Alice Nutter and Katherine Hewitt) also stood accused. While awaiting trial, 80 year old Elizabeth Southern passed away in her cell.

The trial began in August ofrepparttar 141357 same year and was presided over by Judge Bromley and Judge Altham. Lord Gerard and Sir Richard Hoghton were in assistance.

The prisoners were deprived of any counsel and could not call witnesses. On top ofrepparttar 141358 original ten another ten defendants, also accused of witchcraft (The Samlesbury witches, also from Pendle along with Isobel Robey from Windle, near St Helens and Margaret Pearson,repparttar 141359 Padiham Witch) were to stand trial.

In total, 20 people stood accused and their ages ranged from 9 years old to 80 years. The evidence produced stemmed from idle gossip, false accusations and rumours.

Atrepparttar 141360 conclusion ofrepparttar 141361 three day event, Anne Whittle, Anne Redfern, Elizabeth Device, Alice Nutter, Alison and James Device, Katherine Hewitt, Jane and John Bulcock, as well as Isobel Robey were all found guilty and sentenced to be hanged onrepparttar 141362 moor aboverepparttar 141363 Town. Margaret Pearson was sentenced to be pilloried on four successive market days at Padiham, Clitheroe, Whalley and Lancaster. Once this was carried out, Margaret was to spend a further year in prison as part of her punishment. The Samlesbury witches and Alice Grey were not found guilty and set free.

Public executions took place at Lancaster Castle right up untilrepparttar 141364 1800’s at a place called Gallows Hill. The prisoners would be taken from their cells in a cart and pass along Moor lane and Moor gate. They would pause briefly at a local public house where they could take their last drink with family and friends before proceeding torepparttar 141365 gallows. People from all aroundrepparttar 141366 north west of England would congregate out in Lancaster’s streets to watch these public hangings. After 1800repparttar 141367 hangings were shifted fromrepparttar 141368 moor to a place withinrepparttar 141369 castles confines. It was to become known as "The Hanging Corner".

Of allrepparttar 141370 executions carried out, a total of 265 in all, 43 were for murder and other crimes which included burglary, forgery, robbery and cattle stealing. 131 of these hangings were carried out byrepparttar 141371 one person – Old Ned Barlow. The last person to be publicly hanged was Stephen Burke in 1865.

Between 1788 and 1868, if you found yourself lucky enough to escaperepparttar 141372 hangman’s noose, you may have found yourself being transported to a new penal colony called Australia. In total 200, 000 people found themselves ship bound to facerepparttar 141373 uncertainties of a hostile environment in NSW and Tasmania.

Top 10 Spanish Experiences

Written by Rhiannon Williamson

Guidebooks often providerepparttar visitor with a list of sights to see and places to visit when venturing overseas to a brand new country, but this list of top 10 experiences to have in Spain providesrepparttar 141311 visitor or new expatriate living in Spain with some slightly more unusual alternatives!

If you consider yourself a more adventurous tourist or you’re just bored ofrepparttar 141312 same old same old spouted by tired tourist guides read on for an exciting Spanish itinerary.

1) The Seville Fair – we all know thatrepparttar 141313 Spanish are party people and they party well, but if you’d like to experiencerepparttar 141314 biggest, liveliest and most exciting party of all consider visitingrepparttar 141315 Seville fair which is seven days of pure, unadulterated fun!

2) Surfing and Snowboarding – from ridingrepparttar 141316 Biscay swell at Guernika inrepparttar 141317 Billabong Pro to snowboarding inrepparttar 141318 Sierra Nevada – whatever form of extreme sport you’re into Spain hasrepparttar 141319 unique natural landscape to satisfy you!

3) Breathtaking Views – from standing atoprepparttar 141320 piste with views of Granada to drivingrepparttar 141321 N340 highway withrepparttar 141322 coast of Morocco so close you can almost reach out and touch it - Spain not only hasrepparttar 141323 most breathtaking natural scenery, it affords you a wealth of unique views to die for.

4) Drink Sherry & Drink Rioja – drink sherry in Jerez, drink Rioja in La Rioja – say no more!

5) Clubbing in Ibiza – take a week and visit one ofrepparttar 141324 seven main clubs in Ibiza each night ofrepparttar 141325 week and be prepared to party untilrepparttar 141326 sun rises and your feet can dance no more! It has to be done!

6) Bull Fighting and Bull Running – bull fighting may be ritualised killing and many people’s idea of extreme cruelty, but to othersrepparttar 141327 experience of a corrida is to take a breathtaking and dramatic glimpse intorepparttar 141328 Spanish psyche. The Pamplona Bull Run onrepparttar 141329 other hand is possiblyrepparttar 141330 very last thing you’ll get to do in Spain! We’d advise anyone crazy enough to charge ahead of a mad bull downrepparttar 141331 narrow cobbled streets of Pamplona to get their life insurance in order before they set off – alternatively, joinrepparttar 141332 crowds of spectators and simply witness this (possibly?) once in a lifetime thrill!

7) The Alhambra At Sunsetrepparttar 141333 Alhambra,repparttar 141334 most incredible and enduring legacy of Moorish Spain is worth a hundred visits…but if you want to experiencerepparttar 141335 true majesty and understand whyrepparttar 141336 Alhambra wasrepparttar 141337 physical manifestation ofrepparttar 141338 Moorish concept of paradise, climb up to St. Nicholas Square at sunset and see howrepparttar 141339 ancient wonder glows golden againstrepparttar 141340 stunning snow-capped backdrop ofrepparttar 141341 peaks ofrepparttar 141342 Sierra Nevada - and be prepared to feel seriously moved if not a wee bit emotional!

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