The History Of Slots And How To Play The Game

Written by Adel Awwad

The very first slot machine (called 'Liberty Bell') was created by a man called Charles Fay from his workshop in San Francisco in 1887. Slightly smaller than today's average slot machines, Liberty Bell contained 3 reels and 20 symbols and operated pretty much inrepparttar same way as today's slot machines. Within a relatively short period of time, Fay's creation became so popular and successful that he began to work overtime in his workshop to meetrepparttar 148488 demand for his slot machines. Capitalizing on their success, Fay rentedrepparttar 148489 machines to gambling establishments at a 50% commission rate, refusing to sellrepparttar 148490 manufacturing and distribution rights of his slot machines to gambling manufacturers.

In 1907, Herbert Mills, a Chicago manufacturer created 'Operator Bell', a slot machine similar to 'Liberty Bell' in design. Produced and distributed at a greater rate than Fay's 'Liberty Bell',repparttar 148491 'Operator Bell' slot machines experienced even greater success and by 1910, slot machines were very common inrepparttar 148492 United States of America. As soon as slot machines had reached a new peak in popularity and became common throughoutrepparttar 148493 USA, new laws were introduced and passed to ban slot machines. In spite of this, slot machines continued to be popular throught America duringrepparttar 148494 1920s and 1930s. Duringrepparttar 148495 late 1940's, Bugsy, a well known gangster, added slot machines to his Flamingo Hilton hotel in Las Vegas whererepparttar 148496 profit from slot machines eventually exceeded that of table games.

The objective ofrepparttar 148497 slot machine is to try and spin a winning combination of symbols onrepparttar 148498 payline.

There are basically two types of slots.

Straight Slots

A Straight slots jackpot will remain at a set amount of money until it is won, after which it resets and starts over again at that same amount. For example, a straight jackpot may be set at $20,000 and will remain at $20,000 until it is won, no matter how many coins are deposited intorepparttar 148499 slot machine.

Progressive Slots

Onrepparttar 148500 other hand,repparttar 148501 amount of money that may be won playing progressive slots is determined byrepparttar 148502 amount of money deposited intorepparttar 148503 machine. Thusrepparttar 148504 progressive jackpot continuosly increases with each player until it is won.

Gender Differences In Gambling

Written by Adel Awwad

Being a fairly regular gambler, I have noticed a few interesting differences between men and women overrepparttar many years I've spent onrepparttar 148486 casino floor. Although these observations are by no means scientific,repparttar 148487 general results have more or less been consistent. The results of these observations are as follows:


- More likely to gamble than women.

- Begin gambling in their late teens.

- Gamble more frequently than women.

- Place larger bets.

- More competitive and play to win.

- Enjoy games such as Blackjack and Poker.


- Less likely to gamble than men.

- Begin gambling in their mid 20s and up.

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