The Hidden Job Market: Real Or Imagined?

Written by David Richter

The hidden job market has been touted asrepparttar place to go if you want to findrepparttar 135032 best jobs. It’s been said that this sector ofrepparttar 135033 job market accounts for seventy-five percent of allrepparttar 135034 job openings out there. If that is true, then what we see inrepparttar 135035 classifieds and onrepparttar 135036 Internet job sites account for only twenty-five percent of all job openings. Sorepparttar 135037 question becomes, isrepparttar 135038 hidden job market a myth or does it truly exist? The hidden, or unadvertised, job market does exist, and can be located. When a company advertises a job opening inrepparttar 135039 classifieds and onrepparttar 135040 various job sites, it takes three to four months for that position to be filled. Since companies lose money every day a position remains open, advertising a job opening is seen by many as a non-viable approach. Roughly seventy-five percent of all job openings are therefore unadvertised, which means you will not see them posted on any ofrepparttar 135041 job sites. You will not be aware of their existence. They are indeed hidden opportunities. It is absolutely worth your effort to find these opportunities. Companies have learned to search for viable candidates using three fundamental strategies other than advertising: networking, using recruiters, and probingrepparttar 135042 job sites. So how can you take advantage of these approaches to taprepparttar 135043 hidden job market? Networking isn't an approach exclusive to hiring companies. You, too, can engage in networking with allrepparttar 135044 people you know. As an extremely powerful strategy accounting for roughly 80% of all job fills, networking allows you to get in doors that would otherwise be impossible to enter. You can network your way into potential opportunities that can turn intorepparttar 135045 right job created just for you. Networking is one ofrepparttar 135046 best ways to taprepparttar 135047 hidden job market!

Fire Your Boss! It's the Only Responsible Thing to Do

Written by Debra Thorsen

You may have been raised to think that firing your boss and becoming your own boss is an irresponsible, impulsive, and selfish thing to do. Think again.

Firing your boss may berepparttar only responsible action to take if you want to build financial security for your family and providerepparttar 134988 emotional security to your children that having parents involved in their daily lives provides.

Most companies are not family-friendly. Here are some enlightening statistics provided by

• 70% of working fathers and mothers report they don’t have enough time with their children. • 59% of women and 38% of men report they have no flexibility in determiningrepparttar 134989 start and end times of their workday. • 63% of all employees would like to reduce their current total work week if they could. • 88% of women working part time are NOT likely to receive health insurance or pension benefits from their employers. • Wage penalty for motherhood: 5% per child.

We are all brainwashed and trained at an early age by parents, teachers, and society that getting a job is what we are supposed to do. Maybe this was a good thing to do inrepparttar 134990 1950s, 60s, and even 70s. I’m not sure. But things started changing rapidly inrepparttar 134991 1980s with technological advances andrepparttar 134992 first big wave of corporate downsizing.

Before I go any further, I don’t want to leave you withrepparttar 134993 impression that I think all companies or organizations are bad. There are many organizations that have transcendedrepparttar 134994 industrial-age command-and-control type mentality and offer team members opportunities to learn, grow, play, evolve as people, and have a fulfilling family life. These entities are to be applauded and celebrated. They have gone Cubeless. If you are lucky enough to work for one of these enlightened organizations, you may not need to read any further. (Please send me an email so that I can recommend your organization on my website:

If, however, you find yourself in a work environment that does not support your higher good, that prohibits emotions and passion, that requires you to wearrepparttar 134995 Corporate Cubeface, that punishes you for having a life outside of work, that has illogical rules for success like “work 70 hours a week and look and act likerepparttar 134996 CEO”, then it may be time for you to considering firing your boss. (I call these work environmentsrepparttar 134997 Corporate Cubeworld. Please visit for a detailed description ofrepparttar 134998 Corporate Cubeworld.)

The Corporate Cubeworld no longer provides lifetime employment. The Corporate Cubeworld does not value family life. And technology has enabled anyone to start a business from anywhere.

The Conference Board released a report on February 28, 2005 stating that “Americans are increasingly unhappy with their jobs. The decline in job satisfaction is widespread among workers of all ages and across all income brackets.” The report showed that: • 25% of American workers are just “showing up to collect a paycheck” • 40% of workers feel disconnected from their employers • Two out of every three workers do not identify with or feel motivated to drive their employers’ business goals and objectives.

They also found that money cannot buy satisfaction. Job satisfaction has declined across all income levels and only 14% of workers earning $50,000 or more are “very satisfied” with their jobs. The report says that “Rapid technological changes, rising productivity demands and changing employee expectations have all contributed torepparttar 134999 decline in job satisfaction.”

My interpretation of this:repparttar 135000 Corporate Cubeworld is inherently rigid and inflexible and demands more and more from workers who are less and less willing to surrender their lives to their jobs.

This report shows is that there is a LOT of unhappy workers in America today. Is there something wrong with all of these people or is it more plausible that there is something inherently broken inrepparttar 135001 Corporate world?

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