The Hidden Fortune in Website "Stats"

Written by Jim Edwards

Most people never bother to look atrepparttar statistics program that comes with virtually every website because few realizerepparttar 143096 gold mine of information it contains.

Your website statistics holdrepparttar 143097 key for understanding your traffic, improving sales and increasingrepparttar 143098 overall effectiveness of your online selling.

Whether you realize it or not, your website has "critical numbers" that enable you to measurerepparttar 143099 overall success of your Internet presence.

Any serious website operator should understandrepparttar 143100 four most important numbers: Hits; Unique, Targeted Visitors; Leads; Sales.

Hits - Hits are typically page views, whether byrepparttar 143101 same or different visitors, and indicate overall activity onrepparttar 143102 site.

A lot of hits shows activity (usually a good thing), but doesn't necessarily mean you've had a high number of visitors. Search engine "spiders" and surfers hitting their back buttons also uprepparttar 143103 hit count.

Research has shown that, depending onrepparttar 143104 size of your site,repparttar 143105 ratio of hits to visitors will range anywhere from 2 to 1 allrepparttar 143106 way up to 12 to 1.

Unique, Targeted Visitors - people surfing to your site who have not been there before within a certain period of time.

Depending onrepparttar 143107 statistics program you use, a unique visitor may be someone who hasn't been to your site in a day or a week, while in other programs a visitor remains unique until you resetrepparttar 143108 stats.

You must understand how your stats program classifies unique visitors so you don't mistakenly believe your site is getting 30 unique visitors a day only to find out it isrepparttar 143109 same 30 people coming back day after day!

A "targeted" visitor means thatrepparttar 143110 visitor has an interest in what you are selling or promoting, this is usually demonstrated by keyword searches at a search engine or by clicking targeted advertisements.

“Web Content Management System fr Window”: Search Engine Typos

Written by Joe Miller

Oops! I meant “web content management system for windows.” Do search engines understanding consumer search engine typos? Typing something so close to what you are looking for, like typing “web content management system fr window” instead of “web content management system for windows” may not seem like a big deal, but search engine bloopers alter consumer searches more than we know.

The phrase used inrepparttar title, “web content management system fr window” is a real-life example of a common search engine typo. In fact, within that phrase,repparttar 142975 “o” andrepparttar 142976 “s” are missed so often that search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN have recordedrepparttar 142977 phrase “web content management system fr window” as searched about 481 times on a monthly average.

You might ask how this affects your search engine searches. Well, let us userepparttar 142978 same phrase for an example. Typingrepparttar 142979 phrase you are looking for, “web content management system for windows,” yields about 29.6 million indexed pages in Google, 14.7 million in Yahoo, and 2.3 million in MSN. However,repparttar 142980 typo “web content management system fr window,” only slightly different from what you really meant to type, yields drastically different results: 654 thousand indexed pages in Google, 131 thousand in Yahoo, and 56.5 thousand in MSN.

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