The Hegemony (Church and State)

Written by Robert Bruce Baird


There are good things done byrepparttar hegemony. The Shriner’s Hospital is one fine example to be sure. But when these organizations took control ofrepparttar 140179 institutions of charity things started downhill fast. I am pretty sure that no open-minded person could read my books on Synarchy and not be fairly certain thatrepparttar 140180 Catholic Church andrepparttar 140181 hierarchy of elitists that includerepparttar 140182 Shriners and lesser Masons are in fact run or managed byrepparttar 140183 same people. But to recap briefly I advise thatrepparttar 140184 interested person could check out St. Columba acting as Arch or ‘High’ Druid atrepparttar 140185 Synod of Drum Ceatt and then followrepparttar 140186 Isle of Druids (Iona) monastic Order intorepparttar 140187 Cistercians and other Inner Sanctums or bowels of this behemoth. There they will find Hibernians like St. Bernard who walked both sides ofrepparttar 140188 Cathar issue and helped createrepparttar 140189 Grail legends to cover uprepparttar 140190 facts of secret traderepparttar 140191 Cathars and family of Jesus or other paladins were engaged in. Along this path are many good people including St. Columba and Pelagius as well as those Cathars who wanted to bring humanity out ofrepparttar 140192 Dark Ages. It is not a black and white simple matter to be sure. There is no ‘easy’ answer especially when sophisticated power elites haverepparttar 140193 arm of academia to twist or coerce through funding their projects.

The level of naïveté never ceases to amaze me. My own family has treated me as a pariah or paranoid at times. The good Masons who tell me how they do good work actually cannot seerepparttar 140194 small percentage ofrepparttar 140195 massive wealth that goes to fundrepparttar 140196 window-dressing operations. They see millions go to these causes and do not seerepparttar 140197 trillions going elsewhere or they takerepparttar 140198 ‘trickle-down’ they are allowed to feast upon and think how much better off they are thanrepparttar 140199 rest of life on earth who is not sold out to this game of corrupt and soulless cretins who would rather wield power than see all life on earth be wealthier than they are. Yes, it is possible to make everyone a very wealthy person. People become supporters and proselytizers for nations (Divine Kings outgrowth) or dogma (Manifest Destiny) and feel important as they exercise their ‘Right’ to be more than their wife or child. The Cycle of Violence and laws that maintain it andrepparttar 140200 wars or religions (tax free) are all a part of this game or Hegelian Dialectic inrepparttar 140201 Platonic or top-down hierarchy.

Jefferson to Stalin - Corporate CEOs

Written by Robert Bruce Baird


There are many ways I can illustrate that Stalin wasrepparttar CEO of Russia on behalf ofrepparttar 139916 international financiers that include Lord Rothschild who toldrepparttar 139917 Czar he would do what he did. Stalin was a Catholic trained seminarian. Here is Noam Chomsky making a most important connection. Politics has become something totally absurd. We see Mr. Chomsky makes a good case for something quiterepparttar 139918 opposite of what people call democracy, being in fact, social engineering by elites.

“A similar move from Stalinist commissar to celebration of America is quite standard in modern history, and it doesn't require much of a shift in values, just a shift in judgment as to where power lies.

Independently of Jefferson and Bakunin, others were coming torepparttar 139919 same understanding inrepparttar 139920 nineteenth century. One ofrepparttar 139921 leading American intellectuals was Charles Francis Adams, who in 1880 describedrepparttar 139922 rise of what is now calledrepparttar 139923 "post-industrial society" by Daniel Bell and Robert Reich and John Kenneth Galbraith and others. This is 1880, remember. A society in which, Adams says, ‘the future is inrepparttar 139924 hands of our universities, our schools, our specialists, our scientific men and our writers and those who dorepparttar 139925 actual work of management inrepparttar 139926 ideological and economic institutions.’ Nowadays they're calledrepparttar 139927 "technocratic elite" andrepparttar 139928 "action intellectuals" orrepparttar 139929 new class or some other similar term. Adams, back in 1880, concluded that ‘the first object of thinking citizens, therefore, should be not to keep one or another political party in power, but to insist on order and submission to law.’ Meaning thatrepparttar 139930 elites should be permitted to function in what's called "technocratic isolation," byrepparttar 139931 World Bank -- I'm being a little anachronistic here, that's modern lingo -- or, asrepparttar 139932 London Economist putsrepparttar 139933 idea today, ‘policy should be insulated from politics.’ That'srepparttar 139934 case in free Poland, they assure their readers, so they don't have to be concerned aboutrepparttar 139935 fact that people are calling for something quite different in free elections. They can do what they like inrepparttar 139936 elections, but since policy is insulated from politics and technocratic insulation proceeds, it really doesn't matter. That's democracy.

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