The Hands On Approach

Written by Jay Conners

Hands On Approach by J.Conners

While living inrepparttar technology age where everything is computerized, digitized, and auto-responded, it is very easy to forget where we came from, and how all of this progress has almost completely wiped outrepparttar 145355 personal touch.

In this article, I am going to discuss three different ways to reach out and touch your customers and get their attention in ways you could never do even with all of todays modern technology.

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1. The Hand Written Card

Never underestimaterepparttar 145356 power of anything hand written!

Wether you have just closed a loan, or have taken an application, send your customer a thank you card with a hand written note.

In this day and age when everything is being faxed or e-mailed,repparttar 145357 hand written card sends a gracious and genuine message to your customer that you truly appreciate their business, and that you care about them as people too. A lot of times customers are left feeling like a statistic,repparttar 145358 hand written card will leave them with a feeling that they are not.

(Hint) this also works well when their loan is approved, or when their appraisal comes in, you can send a congratulatory card!

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2. The Hand written Envelope

I don’t know about you, but every time I get some envelope inrepparttar 145359 mail that is obviously computer generated, and trying to sell me something, I immediately file it inrepparttar 145360 circular file without even opening it!

10 Activities For Better Marketing

Written by Jay Conners

Ten Activities for Better Mortgage Marketing/By Jay Conners

1. Business Cards

It is very important to market yourself via business cards. You should be making a conscious effort to hand out ten per day atrepparttar very least. Have them on you at all times, and keep a supply in your car just in case. When doing business with someone, don’t give them just one business card, give them two, and ask them to refer someone to you.

2. Mailers and Reminders

Keep a tickler file handy on all of your customers birthdays, kids birthdays, and anniversaries. Send them a card to wish them well on their special occasion. They won’t be expecting it, making them allrepparttar 145354 more appreciative, it also keeps you in their thoughts, reminding them that they know a mortgage specialist that they can refer shouldrepparttar 145355 topic ever arise. It also gives you a reason to send out more business cards and keep them circulating. Remember,repparttar 145356 average home owner refinances, or purchases on average every three years, so it is important to stay in front of your customer.

3. Phone Numbers

Giving your phone number to your customer seems obvious, but it is equally important to give them your cellular phone number as well as your work number, and let them know that they can feel free to call you at any time, this will personalizerepparttar 145357 relationship you have with your customer and give them a comfort zone where they feel as though they can really trust you.

4. Become Active

Become active in local organizations and charities, here are a few examples:

•Chamber of Commerce •Rotary •Lions Club •Networking Groups •Church •Local Youth Athletic Associations

5. Apparel

Wear your company’s logo, It doesn’t hurt to have a few polos or dress shirts in your wardrobe with your company logo on it for attending special events or just going out to lunch, lets face it, it’s free advertising, and it shows that you take pride inrepparttar 145358 company that you work for.

6. Body Language

Your body language can speak volumes. Always smile when it’s appropriate, and speak clearly and slowly so that people will understand you. Eye contact is also very important when talking to people, it lets your client know that you are very confident in what you do, and that you believe in what you are saying. It is also important to be empathetic when appropriate as well, sometimes it is better to listen than to speak. Not everybody is inrepparttar 145359 ideal situation, so it is important that you understand where they are coming from, and exactly what they will need.

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