The Guide To Better Car Buying Deals

Written by John G. Nuble

Buying a car is like making a journey intorepparttar unknown especially if you do not knowrepparttar 149998 meaning of mileage andrepparttar 149999 only seats you have sat on inside a car arerepparttar 150000 ones forrepparttar 150001 passengers. Without a map, one can get lost, confused by several choices and generally duped into accepting a less than great a deal.

Still like any journey, withrepparttar 150002 right guide to buying a car, one can breeze throughrepparttar 150003 experience with flying colors. Below is a guide to getting better car buying deals not only in terms of getting high quality cars but also in being aware of rebates and discounts. Both online and offline transactions were mentioned and discussed as some people are already doing their shopping online.

Read on and see for yourself which car buying guide you already know and which one you just heard forrepparttar 150004 very first time.

Car buying guide #1: List your requirements and stick to it.

Knowing what you need and what you want already takes you halfwayrepparttar 150005 decision-making process. List your requirements and search for a perfect match out ofrepparttar 150006 hundreds of car models available. You can do this inrepparttar 150007 old fashion way by visitingrepparttar 150008 car dealers near your area orrepparttar 150009 new age way throughrepparttar 150010 wonders ofrepparttar 150011 World Wide Web. One car buying guide which you should remember is to never go to dealers without having a car in mind. Websites like has a handy research tool that can help you refine your search

Car buying guide #2: Have a budget and stick to it.

When you have already decided on your car model, you can now look intorepparttar 150012 prices being offered by various car dealers. One car buying guide that is really important is to do price comparisons, which are available online at or CarsDirect. You can also ask advice from people who have bought cars inrepparttar 150013 last five years. Chances are, car dealers still haverepparttar 150014 same practices.

Is Your Car Finish Being Eaten Away?

Written by K.M. Dodd

Washing Your Car Regularly.. Why?

Aside fromrepparttar obvious of having a car that looks great, car washing can protectrepparttar 149929 cars finish. Bird droppings and bug splatter can get to be real relentless at different times. Also air bourne contaminant( some we can't even see), all wage a consistent and prolonged attack on your cars finish.

Bug splatter for instance, have acids and particles in them that can eat away atrepparttar 149930 clearcoat of your car, making it susceptible to rust.The metallic particles that come offrepparttar 149931 rotor as well as brake dust with its adhesive properties fromrepparttar 149932 factory, and tar, all do damage to your cars paint.

So how can we stoprepparttar 149933 culprits right in there track, by washing our vehicles regularly!

How and Where To Start

I don't know if you knew this or not, but most ofrepparttar 149934 swirl marks we see on our car is from washingrepparttar 149935 car. I know you have seen one of those dark colored cars that look real good at a 30000 ft view. However when you get up close it is riddled with swirl marks. They kinda look like cookies.

Why this knowledge is important is that it helps us all to realize, that even though washing a car seems so simple, What is often overlooked is that there is a right and a wrong way to do it. That isrepparttar 149936 first place to start is with this understanding.

I like to start out by finding products that will not scratchrepparttar 149937 paint. I use a chenille wash mitt, or a microfiber one. They both do a great job at pullingrepparttar 149938 dirt away fromrepparttar 149939 paint and holding it in there fibers so that it does not scratchrepparttar 149940 paint.

Please don,t use dish washing liquid to wash your car with, why? Dish detergent has properties in it that striprepparttar 149941 paint ofrepparttar 149942 oils it needs to keep from drying out. So use a good car wash shampoo to washrepparttar 149943 car with. I use Meguiars Soft Gel, its ph balanced with no detergents, and has lubricants in it that bring outrepparttar 149944 gloss inrepparttar 149945 paint finish.

Washingrepparttar 149946 Car

Because I do not want those swirl marks on my car, or any car I work on. I use more than one bucket to do my car washing. I recommend to do it that way if you can, cause after you make a pass withrepparttar 149947 wash mitt its gona be dirty. Instead of constantly washing withrepparttar 149948 water hose, just dip it inrepparttar 149949 bucket of fresh water to removerepparttar 149950 dirt then back inrepparttar 149951 soapy water.

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