The Grec Festival emphasizes on creativity and internationalization in its theatre, dance and music shows

Written by Ana Rodríguez

The 2005 Grec Festival arrives to Barcelona again for its 29 edition with a wide offer of theatre, dance and music. This succession of shows, that will be celebrated fromrepparttar 27th of Juny untilrepparttar 140698 8th of August, has turned into a cultural point of reference ofrepparttar 140699 city, which seeks to promoterepparttar 140700 creation,repparttar 140701 concreteness and its internationalization, according to sources ofrepparttar 140702 organization.

In theatre,repparttar 140703 event has made agreements of exchange and co-production of shows with some ofrepparttar 140704 most important institutions and companies ofrepparttar 140705 world. An example of this isrepparttar 140706 work of The Karamàzov Brothers directed by Krystian Magnifier, fruit ofrepparttar 140707 joint work withrepparttar 140708 Vienna Festival. Likewise,repparttar 140709 collaboration withrepparttar 140710 Volksühne of Berlin expresses itself in The Ten Commandments, directed by Christoph Marthaler. The Catalonian Xicu Masó directsrepparttar 140711 comedy of William Shakespeare “To your pleasure”.

In dancerepparttar 140712 emphasize is uponrepparttar 140713 contemporary Trisha Brown andrepparttar 140714 new proposal by Mal Pelo “Atlas”, whererepparttar 140715 last one is full of reflective and intimate poetry.

Music and cultures

Inrepparttar 140716 world of music, continuingrepparttar 140717 keynote ofrepparttar 140718 extensive range of offers that exist in Barcelona throughoutrepparttar 140719 year, many ofrepparttar 140720 artists will delightrepparttar 140721 public with a greatly varied performance. With this they intent to attract musicians that have not yet performed in Barcelona and experiment with “magical” matches where musicians of different styles coincided onrepparttar 140722 stage.

Here you’ll have a taste of what is waiting for you in this festival,repparttar 140723 Italian singer and songwriter Paolo Conte will visitrepparttar 140724 count city forrepparttar 140725 first time,repparttar 140726 fragile Marianne Faithfull will contribute strength and emotion,repparttar 140727 young Jaime Cullum show usrepparttar 140728 world of jazz,repparttar 140729 up-to-date Silvio Rodriguez will reflect onrepparttar 140730 war of Iraq,repparttar 140731 sensual Craig David will introduce you to his second record Slicker than your average,repparttar 140732 spiritual Cheikh Lô will present to usrepparttar 140733 Muslim and African culture, whilerepparttar 140734 English Joss Stone stands out with one ofrepparttar 140735 most appreciated voices ofrepparttar 140736 soul. Orishas will give a Latin touch torepparttar 140737 festival with an explosive mixture of hip hop with “son cubano”.

How To Buy a Used RV - Part 2

Written by William H. Smith

The key to getting a good bargin, instead of a lemon, when buying your used RV is knowing what to look for. Here is a useful checklist to help with your search.

1. Doesrepparttar trailer jack work?

2. Dorepparttar 140651 propane bottles need updating and inspection? This can be costly ifrepparttar 140652 bottles need to be replaced. Generally, if an RV propane tank is older than twelve years, it will have to be reinspected every five years. Also, it is mandatory thatrepparttar 140653 propane tank have an OPD valve. If you don't know what an OPD valve is,repparttar 140654 official description is "Overfilling Protection Device".

3. Checkrepparttar 140655 hoses leading away fromrepparttar 140656 propane bottle for cracks and splits. You do not want a leaking propane connection. Checkrepparttar 140657 nut that screws intorepparttar 140658 propane tank. Is it worn? If so, it may need to be replaced.

4. The LP Gas regulator is usually located just a few inches away fromrepparttar 140659 propane tanks. You'll seerepparttar 140660 hoses leading fromrepparttar 140661 propane tanks into a device with one pipe atrepparttar 140662 bottom of it that runs beneathrepparttar 140663 RV. Regulators begin to leak when they are approximately ten years old. For your information, leaking propane is not a good thing. Don't hesitate to replacerepparttar 140664 regulator if it is leaking.

5. Batteries are often dead, or not too far from dead, in an older RV. Check and make sure it still works. Ifrepparttar 140665 bulbs inside burn bright,repparttar 140666 battery(s) may still be in decent condition.

6. Doesrepparttar 140667 converter still work? What's a converter? Well, it is a device that recharges your battery and converts regular household electrical current from AC to DC allowing your 12-Volt fixtures and appliances to operate. Test this by plugging inrepparttar 140668 electrical cord and unhookingrepparttar 140669 battery (unhookrepparttar 140670 battery before you plug inrepparttar 140671 RV power cord to prevent electrocution). Ifrepparttar 140672 12-Volt lights and water pump still work,repparttar 140673 converter is still working.

7. Dorepparttar 140674 stabilizers beneathrepparttar 140675 trailer still let up and down? You'll be glad to have stabilizers when you park in an area with constant wind gusts likerepparttar 140676 south Texas coast.

8. Arerepparttar 140677 tires still in good condition? Check for cracks and splits and look at tread depth on all tires.

9. It is absolutely mandatory that you understandrepparttar 140678 condition ofrepparttar 140679 braking system. Haverepparttar 140680 owner hook uprepparttar 140681 RV and allow you to tow for a short distance and test testrepparttar 140682 brakes. Brake repairs are expensive. Your life andrepparttar 140683 safety of your vehicle and RV depend onrepparttar 140684 RV brakes functioning properly every time.

10. Doesrepparttar 140685 door step let up and down easily?

11. Can you open and close all outside compartments easily? Dorepparttar 140686 gaskets need to be replaced? Worn or missing gaskets permit air and moisture to penetraterepparttar 140687 RV.

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