The Great Sale(s) After the Sale

Written by Jorge Pinkus /

Some salespersons and network marketers makerepparttar terrible mistake of thinking thatrepparttar 127186 sale ends withrepparttar 127187 sale. They tend to think that, oncerepparttar 127188 client bought something —that they already “closed”repparttar 127189 prospect— their work is over. Torepparttar 127190 new client, however, his/her signature onrepparttar 127191 dotted line and her/his credit card order mean onlyrepparttar 127192 beginning ofrepparttar 127193 sell/buy relationship. In this article we explore twelve practical ideas that you will want to apply right away to guarantee your customer’s satisfaction afterrepparttar 127194 sale. The service you give to your clients and customers does not begin some time after they already bought. Onrepparttar 127195 contrary, it should begin right atrepparttar 127196 moment you shake their (virtual) hand, in signal of their acceptance of your proposed deal. Depending on how you act from that precise moment on, you’ll be assuring, or neglecting,repparttar 127197 future of that sale and of many more future ones. With those same clients and with their referrals. Let’s see and review some points that you may want to put into practice to be even more professional in your sales:

Point 1. Don’t makerepparttar 127198 mistake of keep on talking once you already maderepparttar 127199 sale — If you do, you risk lettingrepparttar 127200 (already decided) prospect to involve you in some argument aboutrepparttar 127201 sale. And this may remind her of some points or objections of minor importance. Normally, then, these will make her want to “thinkrepparttar 127202 whole deal a little more over.”

Point 2. Prepare your exit — Thankrepparttar 127203 new client for his time and congratulate him for his decision and for buying from you.

Point 3. Schedule at oncerepparttar 127204 next interview — Establish withrepparttar 127205 clientrepparttar 127206 date and time of your next appointment, where you’ll bring him his documents orrepparttar 127207 product he already bought. Inform him when and how he’s going to receive his products (if you don’t dorepparttar 127208 actual delivery) and tell him that in that next interview you’ll answer any new questions he should have.

Point 4. Keeprepparttar 127209 client informed at all times — If you are going to be late (you personally, orrepparttar 127210 delivery of your products, service, documents or bill), for any reason, make sure your customer is fully notified. And that she’s agreed torepparttar 127211 new date or time.

What Do Your Customers Really Want? Ask Your Competition

Written by Karon Thackston

What Do Your Customers Really Want? Ask Your Competition by Karon Thackston © 2004

It’s not always an easy task. Sometimes discovering what your customers really want is like pulling teeth. It is imperative for any business owner who hopes to develop new products/services or to write effective advertising copy to know what is important to his customers. But when direct questions don’t deliverrepparttar results you need, what’srepparttar 127185 next step?

Actually, your competition can often lend a hand in this area… and without even knowing it! Many marketing pieces such as brochures, sales letters, or Web sites include testimonials. I’ve found overrepparttar 127186 years that this is an untapped source for “customer intelligence.”

Look at this example from a Web-design site:

"I’m truly speechless! I knew my site design was in need of revamping, but I never imagined how exceptional it could look. You have done an amazing job! The colors,repparttar 127187 graphics,repparttar 127188 layout… everything shows that you have a good understanding of my business and my target audience. You’ve made me look as professional as IBM! I often bringrepparttar 127189 site up in my browser just to remind myself that this really IS my site. I am a loyal customer and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of professional Web design services."

What do you think this customer wanted based on his comments? A few things he mentioned were:

1. colors 2. graphics 3. layout 4. his target audience 5. professional

Here’s another one from a copywriting site:

"I just wanted to thank you for everything. Thank you for bringing my vision to life in words. Thank you for "getting" me. And thanks for your patience."

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