The Great Pyramid - Part Two

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The location ofrepparttar Great Pyramid atrepparttar 122216 centre ofrepparttar 122217 Earth's land masses, unless it is truly a coincidence, impliesrepparttar 122218 following. First, its builders knewrepparttar 122219 geography and size ofrepparttar 122220 Earth quite accurately because they could not otherwise calculaterepparttar 122221 correct centre of land - masses. Second, they chose Egypt becauserepparttar 122222 centre is there {It would be quite coincidental that they were Egyptian as well.}, and this means that Ancient Egyptian civilization may have arisen because of lingering cultural influences as well as because ofrepparttar 122223 supposed advantages conferred byrepparttar 122224 Nile. Third,repparttar 122225 three pyramids ofrepparttar 122226 Giza complex, includingrepparttar 122227 Sphinx, were built by someone other thanrepparttar 122228 Ancient Egyptians--unless we are willing to grant them advanced knowledge as well--but then we must contend withrepparttar 122229 various correlations at Giza that all point to 10,500 B.C. asrepparttar 122230 origin ofrepparttar 122231 Giza complex {I'll grant this date or 2,000 years later forrepparttar 122232 Sphinx, as well asrepparttar 122233 whole complex being designed at this time. I believerepparttar 122234 capstones were used beforerepparttar 122235 final Pyramids were constructed. It would appear there were other pyramids built to imitate this 'GREAT' pyramid. The issue ofrepparttar 122236 Brazilian pyramids is yet to be determined, and it is possible they are even more 'fantastic'.}. Eitherrepparttar 122237 three pyramids andrepparttar 122238 Sphinx were built by an unknown culture long beforerepparttar 122239 beginnings of Ancient Egypt, now dated as about 3200 B.C., orrepparttar 122240 Egyptians themselves have a much longer history than we think." (1)

Some hermetic sages who are heroes of mine are mentioned inrepparttar 122241 following response to a person asking me about Shakespeare’s tragedies. The publisher site mentioned in this was in reference to Diverse Druids which setrepparttar 122242 stage for my re-evaluation of all history and man’s cultural evolution or devolution. The graphics from that book and site are included herein.

Shakespeare's Cosmogony ofrepparttar 122243 Spheres andrepparttar 122244 Tao combine withrepparttar 122245 chakras to giverepparttar 122246 Tree of Life or Norse and Indian of America – this Tree of Yggdrasil is shown inrepparttar 122247 graphics at my publisher site.

The Triune Nature of Man isrepparttar 122248 Tao plus Divine Spirit and together can become Providential especially when a true union (Yoga means union) is achieved. Thus as Victor Hugo noted in his evaluation of Shakespeare "One is drawn back again and again torepparttar 122249 cliff over-lookingrepparttar 122250 waves ofrepparttar 122251 marvellous, and each time taking one step further down or towardsrepparttar 122252 precipice". But when you lose yourself fully inrepparttar 122253 'marvelous' you will find PURPOSE and that Divine Providence you are part and parcel of. We are all Gods in Training and God requires all energy to harmonize and thus another phrase for Shakespeare’s Cosmogony (a paper I did a real study of in grade 11) is 'Harmony ofrepparttar 122254 Spheres' (spheres is sephirah).

How much ofrepparttar 122255 intrigue surroundingrepparttar 122256 abuse of religion was known to Pelikan,repparttar 122257 eminent scholar of Yale University, is a matter of conjecture. He certainly would have known about Prescott Bush andrepparttar 122258 other Skull and Bones people named in court proceedings for trading withrepparttar 122259 enemy. He most certainly would have known aboutrepparttar 122260 Rockefeller involvement inrepparttar 122261 family of Jesus or Merovingian group that includesrepparttar 122262 Rothschilds and Kennedy family. And he should have known a lot more aboutrepparttar 122263 man (Rothschild illegitimate that Hitler’s father was) who called himself ‘the torch-bearer for Jesus’. I have delved intorepparttar 122264 matter of esoteric teachings inrepparttar 122265 St. Germain established center of Vienna where Hitler and his father studied for much of their life. I am sure there is a great deal I will never know aboutrepparttar 122266 von Neumann he spent time with there. You must ask yourself why Old Joe Kennedy andrepparttar 122267 Brown Bros./Harriman/Bush andrepparttar 122268 later Bilderbergs of Prince Bernhard orrepparttar 122269 Beacon Hill Mob of Rockefeller/Rothschilds were supporting Hitler and Stalin both.

The Sun god, Mithras, wasrepparttar 122270 most widely worshipped deity inrepparttar 122271 Roman Empire inrepparttar 122272 first century when Christianity was first forming. Mithras was calledrepparttar 122273 Son of God,repparttar 122274 light ofrepparttar 122275 world, he was a redeemer and savior and his birthday was celebrated on December twenty-fifth. He eventually died and was buried in a cave and was resurrected three days later. Sound familiar? Constantine is said to have converted to Christianity but that is pure ‘Spin’ fromrepparttar 122276 editor ofrepparttar 122277 Bible. He was a Mithras worshipper and they are Heliopolitans or Luciferians just like Hitler and his ‘torch-bearer’ crap. IESA is in Iesoos ofrepparttar 122278 fish symbol and IXOYE as well as many other pre-Christian things they appropriated; whichrepparttar 122279 Father of Biblical Archaeology says showsrepparttar 122280 Bible is a 'Phoenician literary legacy'. It is notrepparttar 122281 first time you have heard about it.

The Great Pyramid of Iesa - Intro - Part One

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

We have been led to believe all manner of lies byrepparttar hellenizing Empires called ‘civilized’ as they have trashed those who colonized them. The ancients of many races builtrepparttar 122215 world andrepparttar 122216 technologies upon which these Empires have fed like carrion crows. The only thing that is Classical about History isrepparttar 122217 standard operating procedure of propaganda. It is a ‘classic’ fraud. I have done over thirty books withrepparttar 122218 primary purpose of makingrepparttar 122219 soul of man and life on earth a little less obfuscated by those who seek to enslave us or empower onlyrepparttar 122220 few in a Platonist hierarchy designed by Nobles. We are toldrepparttar 122221 Great Pyramid is built to honor Cheops and yet there is no evidence of that other than his cartouche outside withrepparttar 122222 reconstruction gang’s graffiti. In fact there is reason to doubt such a person ever existed just as we are seeing so many scholars come to know that Jesus is an amalgam at best. Butrepparttar 122223 concepts and living word of Jesus are alive and still seen inrepparttar 122224 Great Pyramid.

Sages like Pythagoras learned a great deal from this library in stone. But he did not learn all ofrepparttar 122225 secrets and I will not dare say I know them all either. True wisdom never was captured in words andrepparttar 122226 average ancient person did not even have a writing alphabet and often could not form allrepparttar 122227 vowels in their speech. Plato observedrepparttar 122228 advent of writing caused a decrease in disciplined learning.

There are many tragic stories inrepparttar 122229 course ofrepparttar 122230 designed deceit called history. There are many heroes who have keptrepparttar 122231 wisdom and symbology or triads thereof alive. The Great Pyramid does more than merely symbolizerepparttar 122232 connection of Heaven, Earth and Man. It is more than some Triune Nature of Man allegory or metaphor. It actually once functioned as a kind of machine; we shall see many good people are discovering more than this improbable possibility.

The Homeric scholars including Schliemann have found some things like Troy to proverepparttar 122233 myth was not all mere fiction. This continues torepparttar 122234 present day in even more fascinating ways due to satellite technology as well as a weakening grip of Biblical intrigues or religious suppression. Inrepparttar 122235 final analysis it is my sincere hope that people will become more spiritual and able to appreciate their religious icons were far more thanrepparttar 122236 interpreters who used their image and good works. I am ofrepparttar 122237 belief that when Homer wrote about ‘the underworld’ he was writing about North America and I know for certain that these people knewrepparttar 122238 earth was a sphere and had means to map and travel throughoutrepparttar 122239 whole world since long before Homer.

"Centre ofrepparttar 122240 Earth's Land Mass, etc.

This is an important concept and I will explain torepparttar 122241 best of my ability. It will be easier to appreciate somewhat betterrepparttar 122242 truly significant placement ofrepparttar 122243 Giza complex.

First let's consider two squares. One is 100 square units (miles, kilometres, or whatever) in area,repparttar 122244 other twice as large, 200 square units in area.

{He illustrates two squares with pyramids on top from an overhead perspective with a line connectingrepparttar 122245 centre points or apex ofrepparttar 122246 pyramids. Underrepparttar 122247 smaller square are 10 units and underrepparttar 122248 larger square isrepparttar 122249 figure 14.85 units. The 100 and 200 unit figures as mentioned are further repeated further under these two squares.}

We will find their respective centres by drawing diagonals. Whererepparttar 122250 diagonals intersect isrepparttar 122251 centre of each square. Together, these squares represent three units ofrepparttar 122252 largest common denominator--100 square miles. So we'll draw a line, divided equally into three parts, betweenrepparttar 122253 centres ofrepparttar 122254 two squares. Since one square is twicerepparttar 122255 size ofrepparttar 122256 other, we will mark off two ofrepparttar 122257 equal parts towardsrepparttar 122258 larger square. This isrepparttar 122259 centre of their combined areas, given their distance apart. If they were closer together, or further apart,repparttar 122260 point would fall elsewhere. Please note that this point is aboverepparttar 122261 centre ofrepparttar 122262 small square but belowrepparttar 122263 centre ofrepparttar 122264 larger one. It is a true geometric centre ofrepparttar 122265 two areas that are separated by this given and arbitrary distance.

It is possible to ascertainrepparttar 122266 area of an irregular shape, although it is much more difficult to do than using squares.

The largest continent, Eurasia, happens to be about twicerepparttar 122267 land area ofrepparttar 122268 American continents. These continents are separated by oceans. One can dividerepparttar 122269 separation into three equal parts, just as above, and findrepparttar 122270 'centre of these two land masses.'

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