The Great Opportunity

Written by Neil Millar

I assume you want to be happier. Searching for greater happiness is a wonderful thing whatever level of happiness you are currently at. It could be that you are already enjoying life and just searching for a new idea, or it could be that you have felt negative towards life orrepparttar experiences life has dealt you. If you feel in anyway negative about life I would like to share something with you.

It is human nature to take a look atrepparttar 136468 darker side of life. I have often dwelt on this side. I’ve found that in this negative place I often feel a greater sense of hopelessness and loss. I believe when we have had a traumatic experience it is right that we should feel this way for a time. Perhaps it has been right for you to feel this way. Perhaps it was part ofrepparttar 136469 healing process for whatever you have been through up until now. Perhaps looking atrepparttar 136470 negative side of life has served you well up until now – as a form of protection – but I think that inrepparttar 136471 long run that it would be wrong and harmful to your health, and life, for you continue with these thoughts once you have acknowledged that they exist. Let me expand on why I believe this.

Whatever life has dealt you, however bad things were or are; there has been a lesson for you to learn from that experience. If you are still in a situation that makes you unhappy it would be wise to review it and see what you can do to leave it or alleviaterepparttar 136472 pain and frustration from it. Inrepparttar 136473 ending of an unhappy experience you are released and presented with something that can be used to make everyday from here onwards happier… and that something can be summed up in one word…

Out of your hardship, out of your hopelessness and feeling of being lost you will find ‘opportunity’, opportunity to be free of allrepparttar 136474 hardship ofrepparttar 136475 past, an opportunity to rediscover yourself, an opportunity to do allrepparttar 136476 things you might like to have done but could not or did not do before. Let me give you an example ofrepparttar 136477 day a thought about an opportunity came.

The thought came as a shock, so out of place withrepparttar 136478 rest of my thoughts that day that I stopped what I was doing instantly. A few seconds passed and then I began to laugh like I hadn’t laughed in years.

The Most Powerful Knowledge Available To Man

Written by Murray Hughes

In this article you will learnrepparttar most powerful knowledge available to man.

It is with this knowledge that Andrew Carnagie, a laborer from Scotland, became one ofrepparttar 136310 world's first self-made super tycoons.

It is with this knowledge that Thomas A. Edison with only 3 months of schooling, and Alexander Bell with NO schooling at all, became two ofrepparttar 136311 greatest inventors of all time.

It is with this knowledge that Henry Ford, despite many failures and opposition, changedrepparttar 136312 shape of modern production methods forever and accumulated an incredible fortune inrepparttar 136313 process.

The knowledge I speak of isrepparttar 136314 birth right of every human alive and yet remains shrouded in secrecy like a magic formula only forrepparttar 136315 privileged few.

Are you ready to learn this knowledge, that if properly used is going to change you life forever? I think you are....


Do you believe me?

If you don't it doesn't matter, because this knowledge is an undeniable rule ofrepparttar 136316 Universe.

If you disagree and believe you CAN'T createrepparttar 136317 circumstances of your life then that is exactly how you will experience it. In effect you will have created a life of seemingly no control through your belief in no control .....can you see it is inescapable?

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