The Great Hidden Superpowers Of Your Own Mind

Written by Michael Sherriff

The mind is an immeasurable wonder. It hasrepparttar fantastic ability to transform your desires into their physical counterparts. You can do anything that your mind can conceive, as long as you haverepparttar 150751 belief and will power to back it up.

Takerepparttar 150752 case of cancer patients who were given placebo pills. These are just plain pills that have no healing capabilities. So how did they get well?

The power came from their thoughts. They were told that these pills containrepparttar 150753 highest amounts of cancer-fighting ingredients which can successfully cure them in a matter of days.

See how powerful your mind is?

They believed that their health will be restored. They have registered in their minds that these pills will cure them of their illnesses. Inrepparttar 150754 process,repparttar 150755 belief entrenched within their subconscious came to reality.

So how can you use your mind to achieve your dreams? One ofrepparttar 150756 most effective ways is to userepparttar 150757 "as if" principle.

Act as if you arerepparttar 150758 person you want to be. Act as if you are already in possession of whatever you long to have.

So what do you want to be? You want to be a lawyer, doctor, athlete, or newscaster? Think, act, and feel like one. You'll be much closer to your goal if you're continuously intact with your objective. Be fanatical with your dream. It doesn't mean that if you want to be Superman you'll fly outrepparttar 150759 window. Not a good idea!

It's not enough that you act like one, but you have to actually ACT. Do what needs to be done. You might get so lost in your fantasy dream world that you've forgotten to take some action. Let your visions give confidence and motivate you to actualize your purpose.

The 4 Most Important Tips to Speed Read Faster than Ever

Written by Michael Sherriff

Many people, particularly students, would love to be able to soak up information quicker. But before retaining information, they have to go throughrepparttar first stage of learning, which is reading.

For many individuals who are pressed for time, speed reading has become essential. However, it's not justrepparttar 150750 reading part that is important. Equally essential is forrepparttar 150751 reader to fully comprehendrepparttar 150752 words coming out fromrepparttar 150753 book or paper.

Here are some great tips to read and comprehend faster.

1) Relax.

If you're inrepparttar 150754 stressed mode, it would be much more difficult to concentrate; hence, it would just be a lot harder forrepparttar 150755 information to sink in.

2) Know what you want.

Focus onrepparttar 150756 areas that you really need to learn. Some people read all parts of a book, when all they need to know is a specific chapter.

Know your priority. If you need to find out about a certain subject, go torepparttar 150757 Table of Contents and search forrepparttar 150758 heading that best suits your need. If you need to learn more, then adjust in view of that. The important thing is to weed outrepparttar 150759 parts that you don't currently need.

3) Get rid ofrepparttar 150760 structure words.

Did you know that around 60% ofrepparttar 150761 words we read are structure words? Examples arerepparttar 150762 words "the, or, and." They are necessary inrepparttar 150763 formation ofrepparttar 150764 sentences; but when you ignore them, they basically meanrepparttar 150765 same thing. They only serve to beautify, yet you can understand what you are reading even without them. Try not to focus too much attention on structure words.

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