The Great American Dream Challenge

Written by Marcia Wieder

Pull Quote: “the secret to living a “dream come true” life is to believe in your dream simply because it matters to you.” Making Your Dreams Come True Years ago, people came to America in pursuit of their dreams—work hard, stay focused and you can achieverepparttar American Dream. For many who have attainedrepparttar 149956 basic American Dream–basic freedom, own a home, own a car, have a family, finding a dream that takes us torepparttar 149957 next level of achievement can become a fragmented experience. We want this. We want that. We want everything. And ever since September 11th, we want to feel safer and more connected to family, friends and community. There’s never been a more important time to set forth to achieve your dreams. Without dreams and vision, companies and countries fail, and without our personal dreams, hopes and aspirations, life can become meaningless. For this reason, I propose “The Great Dream Challenge” and I encourage you to take advantage of this support system to achieve your dreams. The Challenge If we define a dream as something that you want, that has heart and meaning for you and that you believe in, than what are your dreams? Even if you tend to be overly realistic, you still have dreams or things that you want for yourself and others. Whether you have a dream or are in need of a new one, whether your dream is for yourself, your community orrepparttar 149958 world, this is your chance to act, to get help in making it happen and to support others in doingrepparttar 149959 same. The Challenge here is simple, yet powerful. Pick a dream, at least one, small or large, personal or professional that matters to you and makerepparttar 149960 commitment to achieve it (or a portion of it) by a certain date. Here’s how The Dream Challenge works: • Identify a dream that you are passionate about—something that matters to you. • Put it in writing, tell others about it who will support you and is committed to helping you overcome obstacles and achieve results. • Join an organization or online community that will help you get closer to your dreams through volunteering, helping you to build skills, or providing support. • Learn to make specific requests that will help you achieve your dreams and then share those resources with others. • Create a broad “Dream Circle” for support and accountability. • Take serious action. Many of us think, “I’ll believe in my dream when I see that it’s a sure thing or at least when there’s proof that it’s likely to happen.” Butrepparttar 149961 secret to living a “dream come true” life is to believe in your dream simply because it matters to you. In other words, looking for certainty out inrepparttar 149962 world is notrepparttar 149963 place to begin. The place to look is in your own heart. Choose to believe in your dream. Then take action to demonstrate – to yourself and others – you really do believe.

Master Chef - A Career Overview

Written by Liz Smith

In ordinary conversationrepparttar term “master chef” is often used casually, and applied to anyone who is a notably good cook. What many people do not realize is thatrepparttar 149811 term is also a professional classification, like a Certified Public Accountant or Registered Nurse. To be a Certified Master Chef (CMC) isrepparttar 149812 highest qualification inrepparttar 149813 American professional culinary world.

The certification to become a CMC is provided byrepparttar 149814 American Culinary Federation (ACF),repparttar 149815 largest and most prestigious organization dedicated to professional chefs inrepparttar 149816 United States. The goal ofrepparttar 149817 ACF is to promoterepparttar 149818 professional image of American chefs worldwide through education and certification programs for chefs of all levels. The AFC certification program was established in 1981 to further that goal and improverepparttar 149819 quality of professional competency throughoutrepparttar 149820 industry, and ACF chef certification isrepparttar 149821 only kind currently recognized byrepparttar 149822 U.S. Department of Labor.

The Certified Master Chef level isrepparttar 149823 highest and most demanding of allrepparttar 149824 ACF’s certification levels. CMC certification is granted only afterrepparttar 149825 candidate has passed an intensive 10-day practical test of culinary skills and knowledge. The practical test covers food safety and sanitation, organization skills such as work flow, timing of service and follow-up, proper utilization of all ingredients, etc., cooking skills and culinary techniques, and taste and presentation skills.

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