The Great American Dream Challenge: Faith Restored

Written by Marcia Wieder

Years ago, people came to America in pursuit of their dreams and still do to seek a better life. Work hard, stay focused and you can achieverepparttar American Dream. But our nation, in fact our world, changed on September 11, 2001. Our hearts and spirits were broken, fear and cynicism crept into our collective consciousness, and many are still in need of restoration.

To prove that we are still a country that dreams, I launchedrepparttar 141793 Great American Dream Challenge. Nationwide, people are pledging to userepparttar 141794 next twelve months to embark upon new dreams, demonstrate our belief in these dreams and to actually attaining them. What is unique and exciting is that we have forged a community with a common bond dedicated to helping each other realize these dreams. It’s called My Dream Circle.

Here’s How It Works

• Identify a dream that you are passionate or excited about. Find something that matters to you. • Put it in writing, tell another person, or post it on my website. • Join a community like that is committed to helping you overcome obstacles and achieve results. • Learn to make specific requests and share your resources. • Create a system for support and accountability. • Take serious action.

Even if you tend to be overly realistic, you still have dreams or things that you want for yourself and others. During tough times or those days when there is no evidence that your dream is possible, much less a good idea, it’s essential to have a place to turn. In our community, help is available 24/7 via our website, phone calls with me, other experts and coaches. Members have a cadre of specialists on hand to providerepparttar 141795 gentle or tough nudge needed.

Throughoutrepparttar 141796 entire year, we will keep abreast of stories, obstacles and wins, but then we’ll gather to commemorate something more substantial than just our personal accomplishments. We will have raisedrepparttar 141797 proverbial bar because when we see that our dreams can come true, we are willing to dream bigger dreams.

The Reality

Many of us think, “I’ll believe in my dream when I see that it’s a sure thing or at least when there’s proof that it’s likely to happen.” Butrepparttar 141798 secret to living a “dream come true” life is to believe in your dream simply because it matters to you. In other words, looking for certainty “out inrepparttar 141799 world,” is notrepparttar 141800 place to begin. The place to look is in your own heart. Choose to believe in your dream. Then, take action to demonstrate (to yourself and others) that you really do believe.

The reality is we all have good days and bad. Personally, there are days that I forget to trust, days that I get distracted and forget my dreams, and days whenrepparttar 141801 doubters and dream killers (internally or externally) become so overwhelming I want to give up. That’s when I turn to My Dream Circle, to others who help me remember and reclaim my belief in myself and in my dreams. This community has assisted me through hard times and I continue to dorepparttar 141802 same for them daily.

8 Keys to Lasting Love

Written by Linda Miles

Copyright 2005 Dr. Linda Miles Ph.D.

My granddaughter, Merritt Miles, wasrepparttar inspiration for this CD, 8 Keys to Lasting Love . When Merritt was five years old I read a fairy tale to her and was very disturbed byrepparttar 141792 ending, "And they lived happily ever after." As she could not read yet, I tookrepparttar 141793 liberty of changingrepparttar 141794 ending to "They beganrepparttar 141795 work of creating a very good marriage." I didn't want Merritt to think that marriage was so simple or that it just happened that you lived happily every after, as so many of my clients believed. As a marriage and family therapist for thirty years, I have seenrepparttar 141796 pain people experience on their honeymoon when they wake up and realize they have married a mere mortal. In creating this CD, it is my hope that my granddaughter Merritt, as she enters adulthood, as well as many other people, will avoidrepparttar 141797 pitfalls and pain of those who succumb to this "happily ever after" myth. * Stop blaming and start living. It is your responsibility, and not your partner's, to feel better and to heal. Your partner will be responsible to you, but not for you. So it's useful to ask yourself, "Why did I draw this person into my life and what is it that I need to learn from this instead of blaming?" A good marriage grows you up. * Avoidrepparttar 141798 fixer-upper syndrome. We think we can fix up our partner and shape them up to perfection, our perfection. So many people marry for potential. Never marry just for potential. * Made a promise to keep integrity. Do not hold onto victim hood like a prize. This doesn't allow one to grow. Work on behaviors that make your partner want to change by being kind and loving. Vent what you are feeling without being out of control.

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