The Graying of America

Written by Stephania Munson-Bishop

Here are some facts about a quiet revolution that will changerepparttar fabric of this nation, according torepparttar 132630 National Institute on Aging:

--One American turns 50 every 7.5 seconds. --One in 6 Americans will be 65 or older byrepparttar 132631 year 2020, with an estimated 75 million by 2010. --In 1996,repparttar 132632 first wave of Baby Boomers turned 50. --In 2000, nearly 40% ofrepparttar 132633 federal budget was spent on aging-related programs. --After age 75, most women are widowed and live alone. --After age 75, most men are married and live with their spouse. --In nursing homes, 70% of residents are women. --Roughly 56% ofrepparttar 132634 Older Americans Act budget is spent on nutrition programs forrepparttar 132635 elderly -- meals on wheels, congregate meal sites, etc. The rates of malnutrition risk amongrepparttar 132636 elderly are estimated at somewhere between 64% and 88%. --Today,repparttar 132637 fastest growing age group in this country is women age 85 and older. --Seven (7) million over age 65 require help with daily living: feeding, dressing, bathing. --Social and psychological support is most often provided to elderly parent(s) by middle-aged daughter(s).

American Demographics magazine reports 70 million grandparents inrepparttar 132638 US today, with an average age of 47 for first-time grandparents, who spend an estimated 35 billion annually on their grandchildren.

People concerned about Social Security's survival in its present form are probably wise to be skeptical. Today there are 6 wage-earners for each person on Social Security benefits. Shortly, and no one seems to be entirely certain when this will occur, there will be two wage-earners for each person receiving Social Security benefits.

Advertising pundits have already changedrepparttar 132639 ads we see on TV, featuring more older people, medications often required byrepparttar 132640 elderly, andrepparttar 132641 like. Expect this trend to continue.

What is your Love Personality?

Written by Alina Ruigrok -

It is an obvious fact that we can learn and know what true love is. What we are often not aware of though, is that there are different love trends. Does it even matter if we understand love trends? If we are in a happy relationship, then that means it is all fine, right? Yes and No. Although, your love with your partner might run smoothly for a while, it can take a turn we often never expect. This is why knowing about love trends is helpful.

What may have turned you or your partner on at first, might not be a turn on later. How is this possible if they seemed so crazy over certain things before? The reason is quite simple and reasonable. When we first get involved with people,repparttar attraction and lust is so strong (not that it would not be later), thatrepparttar 132628 way one seducesrepparttar 132629 other is not truly focused on, but simply instantly appreciated, since they are so drawn to one another.

Asrepparttar 132630 relationship proceeds andrepparttar 132631 bond builds, you will start getting in touch with your own style of loving and expecting your partner to match up to it. At times, this will be justrepparttar 132632 case. Couples can sharerepparttar 132633 same love trend, but at other times, they can differ. If your trends do differ, do not look at it as negative, but as a way to combine them and form a creative love trend together. It should not be one way orrepparttar 132634 other. There is no such thing asrepparttar 132635 wrong way to love, except for obsession, controlling and abuse, of course-which is not love anyway, although some feel it is.

How do you even come about recognizingrepparttar 132636 love personality of yours or your partners? It is not difficult, but does require quite a bit amount of observation. Start by making notes of your romantic qualities and ideas of what great romance, sex and seduction is to you. Do you like walks onrepparttar 132637 beach and dining at cozy, romantic restaurants? Or do you like setting up your sexual activities by setting up a scene and playing along with it, or just going withrepparttar 132638 flow? By knowing what trend you follow, you will then be introduced to your romantic identity and know what you need from your partner.

There are several types of love trends that you should know about. It will help you come to a deeper understanding of what type of lover you are and your partner as well. People, whose personalities followrepparttar 132639 emotional trend, are lovers who pay attention more torepparttar 132640 meaning behind things, instead ofrepparttar 132641 thing itself. A man who does not really care for picnics onrepparttar 132642 beach may still loverepparttar 132643 event due torepparttar 132644 intention behind it. He seesrepparttar 132645 effort his mate put into it and seesrepparttar 132646 love and caring meaning that his mate had whenrepparttar 132647 idea was thought of and planned. Emotional lovers are sensitive and love sharing with their partners and are also very spiritual. They do not hold back from expressing their true feelings.

A Creative trend follower onrepparttar 132648 other hand, may have some ofrepparttar 132649 same traits as an emotional lover, but focuses more on discovering new things and trying them out, taking risks for a bigger thrill. They love to plan and be a part of interesting activities with their lovers because they like going through adventures and new territories together. These types of lovers are found to be quite exciting because they seem to be more mysterious and full of surprises and imagination.

Then you haverepparttar 132650 traditional trend follower, who likes to followrepparttar 132651 rules of what society considersrepparttar 132652 right way to handle a relationship. They believe in having one partner, followingrepparttar 132653 dating and romance guides torepparttar 132654 point (bringing a girl some flowers when picking her up atrepparttar 132655 door for a date, just to mention one). They also believe in being organized, being financially responsible and planningrepparttar 132656 events that will take place in their lives with their partners.

Those arerepparttar 132657 main trends that most people fall into following. This does not mean that a person who has a certain love trend cannot carry qualities from other trends, however. It just means they in general carry that love personality. There is no trend better thanrepparttar 132658 other either. Each trend is unique and interesting in itís own way. When two people followrepparttar 132659 same trend, it is fabulous because they both know exactly whatrepparttar 132660 other is fond of and what to expect as well. There are hardly mixed signals. Having different trends is also a wonderful thing. When a couple has their individual love personality, it opensrepparttar 132661 door for each one to learn new ways to love expressions and can create a great trend combination!

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