The Gray, the Blue, and the Green

Written by Laura Fink

The Skin Traveler

© 2001 Laura Fink / All Rights Reserved

Episode Two - "The Gray,repparttar Blue, andrepparttar 118296 Green"

The buzzing in Tock's head faded, and he found himself outside in a forest at mid-day. "Toto, we're not inrepparttar 118297 sewer, anymore", he said to a nearby squirrel. The squirrel, whose name apparently was not Toto, didn't answer. Before Tock could instinctively withdraw into his shell,repparttar 118298 sound of voices arrested his attention. He craned his neck to see what was happening. In a clearing, a scraggly group of men seemed to be arguing with one man who stood on a tree stump. Behind them stoodrepparttar 118299 tattered remains of four or five tents that probably used to be white. Tock crawled closer to get a better look.

"We're done for, I tell you. Hain't no chance under heaven we'll make it out of here. Let's up and take torepparttar 118300 forest, every man for himself!" This cry fromrepparttar 118301 crowd drew a general response of cheers.

The man onrepparttar 118302 tree stump shook his head, sadly. "God's truth, we're in a bad spot," he said. "We've got no proper food, medicine, or clean water. For six days we've had no contact with our commanders, and we can ill afford another encounter withrepparttar 118303 enemy such as we had yesterday." At this,repparttar 118304 crowd murmered fearfully. "But men! Take courage! According to my calculations, we may very well find General Grant's forces nary a day's walk from this spot. Alone, you may be captured. Together, we'll salvage what's left of our honor and make a stand. Who will follow me?"

Tock was now right under their noses, posing as just another creature ofrepparttar 118305 forest. He watched anxiously asrepparttar 118306 men muttered amongst themselves. One of them spoke up. "I say let's take until sundown to decide. Then inrepparttar 118307 morning, we either split up or carry on together, as Andrew proposes. What say ye'?" There was a chorus a "yeas", andrepparttar 118308 men moved apart. Tock crawled to where Andrew now sprawled alone under a tree. Tock mustered all his courage, and dared to speak.

"Eh, excuse me, sir." Andrew opened one eye and looked upward. Not seeing anyone, he closed it again. "Eh, down here. It's me,repparttar 118309 turtle." Andrew turned his head cautiously, then drew in his breath.

"I'm having a bless't vision, that's what it is. Not enough sleep, probably."

"No doubt, that'srepparttar 118310 reason," Tock answered sensibly. "But listen, I want to help you. Can you please tell me where we are, and when?"



(Waste no time gossiping it doesnít pay!) Many people are always poking their noses in other peopleís affairs for nothing.

Play your own drum, No one else, Can play it for you, Itís your drum, And your chose it your self. No one else should, Only you, Knowrepparttar tunes, Let people Enjoyrepparttar 118295 tunes By playing it yourself Haverepparttar 118296 hands for it Take courage Play your own drum

Wake early inrepparttar 118297 morning Prepare yourself In morning sun Put your drum Haverepparttar 118298 stick ready Forrepparttar 118299 best tunes. Play your own drum No one else Can play it for you Itís your own drum Prepare it yourself For you alone Knowrepparttar 118300 tune ofrepparttar 118301 drum

Donít be worried How well others play You also Can play better Often we are so busy Listening, watching Others play their drums That we donít Play our own Practice always Make perfect Haverepparttar 118302 hand for it Play your own drum

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