The Grandest Slam The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia

Written by Jim Hollister

The Grandest Slam The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia

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"That's Tiger's ball!" a man shouts asrepparttar little white orb shoots past me and skids to a halt some fifty feet offrepparttar 139361 fairway, perched atop needles that have settled underrepparttar 139362 high pines ofrepparttar 139363 ninth hole. (Opening photo: The scoreboard belowrepparttar 139364 club house, right ofrepparttar 139365 first fairway.)

As usual, he has out-drivenrepparttar 139366 players in his threesome, but this timerepparttar 139367 shot is somewhat off course. We move quickly, gathering aroundrepparttar 139368 ball leaving Tiger just enough room for his back swing and a clear angle throughrepparttar 139369 woods torepparttar 139370 ninth green. He crouches to inspectrepparttar 139371 trajectory his ball must travel underrepparttar 139372 low-hanging branches and uprepparttar 139373 slope towardrepparttar 139374 yellow flag that marksrepparttar 139375 hole.

He confers briefly with his caddy and without hesitation pulls an iron from his golf bag, lines uprepparttar 139376 shot and, WHOOSH! He takes what has become one ofrepparttar 139377 most recognizable and enviable swings inrepparttar 139378 game. The ball stays low for some 40 feet slipping underrepparttar 139379 trees before coming intorepparttar 139380 clear and climbingrepparttar 139381 hill in a perfect loft to reachrepparttar 139382 green and land inside 25 feet fromrepparttar 139383 pin. The patrons, as spectators are known at this event, erupt in cheers sprinkled with expressions of "Get inrepparttar 139384 hole!" and "You'rerepparttar 139385 man!"

Halfway throughrepparttar 139386 second day ofrepparttar 139387 2004 contest, we've just seen one more display of precision shot making by Tiger Woods,repparttar 139388 game's best-known young player and its Number One icon worldwide.

We're here atrepparttar 139389 Augusta National Country Club in Augusta, Georgia, home of The Masters - golf's greatest competition. And we're here as part of this grand gathering due in large part to a young man who, nearly three-quarters of a century ago, had a magnificent idea for a golf course and a national tournament. Following his retirement from championship golf in 1930 at age twenty eight, Bobby Jones, winner of 13 major championships inrepparttar 139390 seven years prior andrepparttar 139391 game's first Grand Slam Champion (then completed by winningrepparttar 139392 U.S Amateur and U.S. Open andrepparttar 139393 British Amateur and British Open inrepparttar 139394 same year) was poised to pursue his idea of building a new kind of golf course.

He got together with Clifford Roberts, a friend of Jones sincerepparttar 139395 mid- 1920s, and in 1931repparttar 139396 two looked to Augusta with its Georgia Pines, soft hills, and temperate climate asrepparttar 139397 place to realize their dream. They purchasedrepparttar 139398 365-acre property called Fruitland Nurseries and retained Dr. Alister Mackenzie as architect for what would become Augusta National.

Diving the Zenobia

Written by Jakob Jelling

The Zenobia, inrepparttar surroundings of Cyprus, is a very interesting wreck for divers to meet due to its size as well as torepparttar 139343 good conditions in which it is, usually described as intact. The Zenobia was a ship which was sunk in 1980 after suffering problems in its computer controlled system area.

Divers who wish to meet this wreck would have to dive about 42 meters intorepparttar 139344 water where it sleeps. An important part of it can be easily accessed and seen, although there are some areas where divers might find it almost impossible to be able to access them or explore them.

Once divers reachrepparttar 139345 Zenobia, they are able to see a ferryboat with one hundred and eight loaded articulated lorries. Each Zenobia's lorry was transporting different cagos, and still some of them can be observed justrepparttar 139346 way they were whenrepparttar 139347 ship was sunken. This way, divers who approachrepparttar 139348 Zenobia's lorries could see cargos of objects such as toys, paint and eggs among many others.

The Zenobia's engine room is a legendary area among divers due torepparttar 139349 difficulty it presents for them to reach it and have access to it. Some divers have been able to access this area after going through many difficulties, and it is not advisable for divers who do not count with an important amount of experience on their past to try to explore this area.

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