The Goose That Lays Golden Eggs

Written by Mustafa K.

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a goose that lays golden eggs? Well, if you thought such stuff happens only in fairy tales, think again!

Now before you get carried away in your own curious thoughts, let me tell you thatrepparttar magical goose I'm talking about is your list of subscribers or your contact list...

That's right, a list of targeted subscribers can be that precious and be equal to a goose that lays golden eggs. Your own contact list hasrepparttar 109476 potential to earn you money on demand and building one makes sure that you never run out of money.

Feed Your Goose Well

You canít have a weak goose, which rarely lays any eggs. Thatísrepparttar 109477 very reason you'll have to feed it well enough so that it can becomes big and strong and lays a lot more golden eggs.

Practically speaking, you have to feed your list with quality content on a regular basis to getrepparttar 109478 results you want. The people on your list are looking for original information. Information they won't find anywhere else but from you.

They don't want old rehashed info, which can be easily found all overrepparttar 109479 web. They want something that is of value and would help them in achieving something.

And like most ofrepparttar 109480 people, if you're thinking that you don't possess any writing skills and you cant write, then my friend - you're absolutely wrong! You donít have to be writer to write your own content online.

Believe me, it really doesnít matter even if you havenít written a single paragraph by yourself before. You donít need a PhD. in literature and it's alright if you've flunked English in high school. If you can talk, then you can write!

The only rules are no copying and absolutely not plagiarizing. Be original, be witty, be educative and try to give them all you can. It's that simple!

Now, do I hear anyone saying I can't write?

7 Ways Email Can End Your Business Relationships Before They Start

Written by Dina Giolitto

7 Ways Email Can End Your Business Relationships Before They Start Author: Dina Giolitto

Too often, people forget they're anonymous inrepparttar internet world. Your friends and colleagues might know you as being a tireless worker, a great friend and loving parent, but I don't know that. To me, you're just a font. You're a font in an email, or in a forum post. If you give me access to your website, then you're whatever impressionrepparttar 109475 website creates. But largely, you're anonymous. So if you want to establish trust in your internet business dealings, make it your goal to paint a professional image via email.

I'm a copywriter, so I'm constantly combingrepparttar 109476 web for possible clients and cohorts. Recently I've encountered some internet personalities who have left me scratching my head in puzzlement. Might we have had a fruitful business relationship? I'll never know, because within days of crossing paths, they managed to display one ofrepparttar 109477 "Scary Seven" - that is,repparttar 109478 seven quickest ways to scare people away by email. Let's review them now.

Scare Tactic 1. Send an email from a cryptic address. There's nothing that says 'unprofessional' like an email inquiry from "Binky24" or "Shanaynay_7". Email addresses like this strike me as being one of two things: 1. someone young and foolish, or 2. a spammer. I understand if you don't have a website up and running yet; after all, as a writer, many people contact me to help them get their businesses started. But atrepparttar 109479 very least, reveal your first and last name. Provide contact information, and a brief background. If no one knows who you are, it's not likely they'll do business with you.

Scare Tactic 2. Send an email that contains virtually no information. Yesterday I responded to a post on Craigslist that requested an editor. In my email, I gave my name, contact info, a little background information and directedrepparttar 109480 potential client to my website. I asked a few questions about their needs. In response, I got one line, and a very uninformative one at that. Do you see why I don't plan to contact this person again?

Scare Tactic 3. Send too many emails! Want to make people think you have absolutely zero going on? Then send someone a barrage of email after having just met. I recently got an onslaught of emails from a potential client - NINE in total, overrepparttar 109481 course of a day. YIKES! This is a busy world. People don't have time to pore through your information. Organize your thoughts, and send in ONE email- maybe two, max.

Scare Tactic 4. Send emails of a personal nature. Never, EVER send email jokes or personal anecdotes to someone you plan on doing business with overrepparttar 109482 internet. I don't care how promisingrepparttar 109483 initial phone conversation was or how "friendly" they seem. This behavior screams unprofessional, and can even be a bit disturbing. Many marketers swap information, and this is fine. But it should be done in moderation. There's a fine line between helpful information exchange and email harassment. Don't cross it.

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